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Michigan with family.
Distinguishing marks -
alligator mascot tattoo, left ankle.
Driving a red 1975 Datsun 280Z,
Michigan licence 879 GMH.
Found abandoned
at Dewey's Market ten days ago.
It came here late last week.
Local expired plates didn't match the VIN.
Was it in this condition?
Well, actually, we sold the battery and
the radio. Took the seats out. The usual stuff.
You need to check every car in this yard,
looking back however many years,
trying to find mismatches
between licence plates and ID numbers.
- Why?
- Because there may be others.
It's not a sex offender.
It has to be law enforcement.
- You got something?
- Yeah.
I'm sure we'll get a match for
the stains at the lifeguard station.
Yeah, well, I'm not so sure.
It sounds nothing like him.
And if you're saying he killed that girl,
you're barking up the wrong tree.
Believe me. I know the guy.
Yeah, I saw her at the lake.
She headed off south somewhere.
Your fingerprints were on her car door, Gerry.
- That's what this is about? She's the one?
- What did they tell you?
That I'm a suspect. They wanna search my
house. I've got nothin' to hide, so I said fine.
I saw her drinking beer down at the beach.
I wanted to make sure
that she could still drive,
so I went up to talk to her
when she went to leave.
This is crazy, Tom.
Hey! I want it noted that I'm allowing
you to search my house voluntarily.
It's noted.
I want an apology when this whole thing
is over with. This is complete BS!
He talked to the girl.
That's why his prints are on the door.
- That's what he says.
- Do you know what you're doing?
- Making allegations based on nothing.
- It's not nothing.
You're ruining a man here. He's finished
whether you find something or not.
We'll find something.
You'd better be right.
Beginning when?
Send the photos to us. Thank you.
My office matched four cars
in the wrecking yard to missing women.
- All in their 20s. All from out of state.
- Four?
Yeah. Over the past six years.
He'd never get away with that many locals,
so he preyed on outsiders.
You don't know this guy. It's just...
just not possible.
Bedroom's clean.
There's nothing anywhere in the house.
Check outside.
- So what did you find?
- Nothing.
- Nothing. Just like I said.
- We'd like you to come down to the station.
- You found nothing, so now I'm guilty?
- Simmer down. Everything will be OK.
This is wrong!
Why aren't you saying something?
Whatever questions you have,
you can ask here.
No questions. We want a blood test.
For a DNA match with the semen stains
found at the lifeguard house.
That has nothing to do with anything.
What are you saying, Gerry?
In the wintertime, the girls, they're...
they're all bundled up like guys.
this was the first warm day of the year and
the girls were wearing their summer clothes.
Are you enjoying this?
- No. Are you?
- Hey!
Look, I may live alone, but I'm a regular guy.
No one saw and no one was hurt.
And I sure as hell didn't kill anybody!
Look, Tom, tell them.
Tell them I am not what they're saying!
I take care of people. I take care of people.
Especially people in my park.
Check it out. Check it out.
Everything has been fine.
In my eight years there, there has not been
one serious accident in my park. Check it out.
Thank you for your time.
That's it? You drag me through this
and it's "Thank you for your time"?
Tom, we'll need you.
Sorry about this, Gerry.
That's my apology?
Damn you people! Damn all you people!
I'm trying to give you
the benefit of the doubt. For Emma's sake.
But you come storming in here
and start harassing this citizen.
Based on what?
He did it.
I don't know what you want me to tell you.
If you really believe that,
why is he out there free?
We're watching him.
He knows we're watching him.
For now, it's a stalemate.
We're probably looking at

- ...

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