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seeing in the dark and seeing into
the darkness of men's hearts and minds.
I know what evil is.
I've seen it, Felt it.
Tasted it, Inhaled the demon breath
of its ancient powers.
The same powers prophesied
through history are now marshalling.
Who is witness to this? Have we stopped
listening to prophets, the seers and sayers?
I have misjudged my gift, If I see
in the darkness it's because there is light.
And it is the light which guides me now.
The light that will not go out,
that will lead us out of the dark night
if we let ourselves feel this, too.
It will protect me,
as it protects those around me.
Even as ancient forces
try to steal our breaths.
Seven years of trials and tribulations,
Seven plus one, the prophets tell us.
Is this the end?
The last year of this peace?
Or the beginning?
I made this!Oh, crap.
Is something wrong?
Eight, seven, six.
Five, four, three.
- Bo?
- He's back.
What you got, Bo? Come on, Bo.
Keep away from him
when he's acting like that.
Yeah, Bo. What you got there?
You ever imagine
you'd be coming back here as an FBI agent?
Military dad. We moved every year. My basic
assumption was I'd never come back at all.
That's it. That's it. That was our house.
- You wanna stop?
- No. No.
I think that was the perfect amount
of nostalgia for me.
Actually, that's not true.
I liked this place.
I really did.
So did my sister, Melissa.
That was before...
You know, when she was still alive.
It's hard to believe
little Tommy Briggs is sheriff now.
You were friends?
I think he had a crush on me.
He broke two of my fingers.
We haven't spoken since third grade
and now it's about this.
- Who is she?
- We don't know yet.
That's the whole reason I sent that foot
to the Bureau. I didn't need a visit. Just an ID.
We didn't feel it would be wise to wait.
Scratch marks on the tibia indicate
the amputation was postmortem.
Compression bruise and puncture wound
occurred before death.
From some kind of metal restraint.
- What does that mean?
- Highly evolved ritual.
- In all likelihood, he's killed before.
- In his 30s. Intelligent.
He's employed. And a local.
You say he's done this before,
but we've never had anything like this.
How do you know the foot
didn't fall off a passing truck?
Well, it was buried shallow enough
for a dog to dig up.
In our experience that means that
the offender knew the area well.
Experience? You see a lot of this?
The deceased was female, 16 to 23.
Caucasian, five-five to five-eight.
Average weight,
type O positive blood.
Marijuana traces were found
in tissue samples.
The tattoo on her ankle may be the Gator,
mascot of Everglades University.
Less than a month old. She was college age,
so we're polling tattoo parlours near campus.
- What do we do in the meantime?
- We extracted sand from one of the toenails.
It was a mixture
of commercially quarried sand
and river sediment.
Sounds like Alahela State Park.
Emma. This is Gerry Neilson. Runs the place.
You've got questions, he'll have the answers.
- Gerry, this is Emma Hollis and Frank Black.
- Hi.
I'm havin' a hard time
with what Tom's tellin' me here.
We'll need any records you have.
People who paid parking fees, admissions.
The problem is that we don't even officially
open until Memorial Day, so I got nothin'.
The victim was probably by herself.
The offender
may have approached her here.
It's a very popular place.
- I want this place cordoned off.
- What for?
He watched her from here.
Became aroused. There's genetic evidence.
I learnt to swim here.
The FBI told me, but I didn't believe 'em.
- What?
- That you'd amaze me.
You and your partner.
I have to say,
I don't like what I'm hearing, though.
Welcome to the real world.
It's not the real world.
Not around here, it isn't.
Emma, look at this.
New listing in missing persons.
Jan McCall, age 20. Returning to Everglades
after Easter vacation in
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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