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why I'm here.
You think I've betrayed a trust.
I showed them only one of our files, Frank.
It was one you'd authorised
for me to show the FBI.
Someone has been in your files,
who knows my fears.
My files are here, locked in my desk.
I'm going to warn you, Frank.
- I just wanna know who it is.
- They think you're delusional.
I don't know how to prove them wrong.
I don't know how to prove I'm not.
- What is it, then?
- I have a gift.
I see what the killer sees.
I imagine what he thinks.
I put myself in his head.
But not the victim's. I've never known
what he feels as he sees death coming.
The helplessness.
But you feel it now.
- Is someone trying to kill you?
- I don't know.
I don't know, but I feel I can't stop it.
Father? I'm Emma Hollis.
I work with Frank Black.
I'm sorry, I'll have to tell you
the same thing I told the others. I can't help.
I'm here as a friend.
I want to help him, Father.
If you know any way,
if you have any idea
what he's going through,
I need to know.
Then this is about you.
How can we know if there is
such a thing as evil?
We take it on faith as we accept God.
But if we fear it,
do we not misplace our faith?
Evil dwells where fear lives.
In a heart without fear,
evil can find no purchase.
- I don't think I understand.
- God, love, goodness.
Those things reside in our connections
with other people. Those ties must be strong,
or evil takes root.
It is those who feel the strongest
that evil wants most.
You think it's real?
You don't think it's in his head.
I told you before,
I can't talk about Frank.
Then nothing to be done,
nothing I can do to reach him.
Let your strength equal his fear.
When it comes for you.
Emma Hollis.
Emma, it's Frank. Where are you?
- at St Timothy's Parish.
- I'm on my way. I need to speak with you.
He was here.
Who are you?
You think you can help him?
You think you can know him?
Know his fear?
To explain it and make it go away?
I know you. What do you want?
To show you Frank's fear...
is real.
And that all your science
and understanding
and psychiatry
are powerless against it.
Frank, is that you?
No! No!
Please! Please! Please!
Somebody! Somebody! Somebody!
Please! Please!
Help me! Anybody?
- Frank?
- Father, Agent Hollis is with you?
No, but I heard screams outside.
There are two FBI agents in that car.
Tell them to get paramedics.
- Tell them what?
- Tell them to get them up here.
- How'd you know she'd be in there, Frank?
- I don't know.
I just did.
You slipped your surveillance
this afternoon, Frank.
We followed to a neighbourhood. You parked
your car. Disappeared. You were running.
A woman almost died out there.
Do you care about that? Do you?
You and I need to take a drive, Frank.
You came to see her.
It wasn't me.
You just had a burning desire to visit
your therapist, kitchen knife in your hand?
Someone stole it from my house.
Someone's doing this.
Same person that put Agent Hollis
in that coffin, right?
Look, I don't have the stomach
to charge you.
- It would be easier if you just told the truth.
- Charge me or get out of my way.
I got nothin' but time, Frank.
- Hello.
- Frank.
You're answering your phone.
I wasn't expecting you.
- How are you feeling, Emma?
- I'm fine.
I've been given medical leave, but I'm fine.
They've asked me not to call you.
- You should listen to them.
- How did you find me?
I need to know how you knew.
I saw you.
In my head.
I saw you buried, saw your face.
But how can that be?
I don't know.
I've been layin' here for days.
You saved my life, Frank, You say someone's
in your head, so who was it saved me?
Who was it?
Frank, answer me, I need to know.
I need to know because
someone's been in my head, too.
- Frank?
- There's someone in the house.
Frank? Frank?
It's OK.
I've been given the gift of insight.

- Eorin shinbu
- :

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