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If I were to tell anyone who I thought it was,
they'd think I'd lost my mind.
It was a man I captured ten years ago.
A man who's dead.
I don't know you, Mr Black.
I don't know about your business or your life.
I knew Catherine.
I was very sad to hear about her.
Thank you.
I know when we see visions
of the deceased, we are moved.
We can't help but feel it an omen.
Often of mortality.
- Have you reconciled Catherine's death?
- I have grieved terribly. Terribly.
But, yes, I have.
How about your own?
What you don't understand
is there are people out there
that are responsible
for what happened to Catherine.
When your wife died,
you said you felt you had betrayed her.
- This was only nine months ago?
- Yes.
This was not a naturally occurring
phenomenon. This was a murder.
Not just of my wife but of everyone
that was killed in the outbreak.
Frank's wife died in a viral outbreak and
he believes it was a planned mass murder.
You're here because
you have people who need you to get well.
I'm not so sure I want to this time.
Who authorised his return
to work to the FBI?
Assistant Director McClaren.
And what was your recommendation?
You know I can't share
my notes or files on this.
He shouldn't have come back, should he?
- He was mentally incapacitated.
- He lost his wife.
To a viral outbreak?
Has it ever been proven or corroborated?
It was proven there was a widespread release
of a biotoxin in Seattle where Frank lived.
But never conclusive evidence
of who released it.
Has Mr Black himself
ever been investigated?
- For his wife's death?
- Wait a second!
We're talking about a man who's made a
career out of hunting down violent criminals,
getting inside their heads.
Who, to be successful, has to live with the
knowledge of the most base and horrible acts
and the unthinkable
human impulses that drive them.
So horrible as to become... unreal.
But when reality itself becomes subjective,
when the connection between who you are
and what you know commingle and confuse
to the point where the hunter so identifies
with the hunted, he becomes him.
Evacuate this room now!
Get everybody out!
We have a possible mass contagion.
Everybody out! Now!
- Hey, not you.
- Why do I have to stay?
You came into contact with the envelope.
Get on the phone!
Alert the CDC.
Are you certain?
Are you absolutely certain?
All right.
- It's a false alarm.
- Are they sure?
They opened the envelope. It was mail
forwarded from Frank's old address.
- Did you talk to him?
- I just had a long conversation with him.
He's comin' out.
He's not coming back.
Frank's leaving the FBI.
Frank, please. I know you're home.
I just need to talk to you.
You can't shut yourself off like this.
You can't take your phone off the hook
and make the whole world just go away.
Frank, I wanna help you.
Out of the car! Out of the car!
Down on the ground!
Do it!
Hands in the air. Drop the camera.
- Drop it!
- Just take it.
- I said drop it.
- I'm not gonna drop it.
- Is there anything else you wanna wreck?
- Who are you?
Identification's in my front pocket.
You've got no right.
Absolutely no right.
We're just keepin' tabs on him.
Didn't expect a demolition derby.
You're spying on him.
You know what he's been doin'
the last two days, Hollis?
- Been to see his priest.
- So?
- For what?
- For what? Hm...
Well, I wish we knew for what. But, based on
his Internet activity, I got a pretty good idea.
He spent two days logged on to websites
dealing with possession, demonology,
exorcism, millennial prophecy.
This is persecution.
- You're invading his privacy.
- Listen, my concern is for the FBI.
And what it'll look like if he turns this
delusional paranoia on somebody else.
So you're building a case against him.
What you should be trying to do is help him.
I am trying to help him, Agent Hollis.
By making sure I'm there
when he snaps.
I think you know

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