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Where'd he go?
I let go of him.
I let go of him but he won't come up.
- He's just goofing around.
- No, he's not. This is serious.
I can't find him. Go get your dad.
I got him. Help me.
- He's dead.
- Help me!
- He's not breathing.
- Help me, dammit!
I've never been so scared in my life.
Then my dad came,
and the fire department.
And they threw a blanket over the body.
I've never been able to get it out of my mind.
It's haunted me.
Whoever sent this... knows it.
You know,
this might sound strange, but...
I felt it in my head
before those photos were ever sent.
We should get the PD in here, Frank.
- Let them dust for prints.
- It's a waste of time.
You should call a locksmith, then.
- How come we got new locks, Dad?
- Cos the old ones got old.
- They don't work any more?
- Not like they used to.
- Do all locks have different keys?
- Uh-huh.
- That's a lot of keys.
- Yeah. You're right about that.
When I get a new house,
I'm gonna give you a key to it. OK?
You'd better.
So you can come anytime you want.
And come to all my birthday parties.
I mightjust surprise you.
Even when I get old,
like you and Grandpa.
- You're the boss.
- Say you promise, Daddy.
As long as I can blow out the candles.
Lights out.
Good night, Supergirl.
Good night.
Help, Daddy!
No! Daddy, help!
Daddy, no!
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
I appreciate everybody coming out.
Everything's OK.
- I had the paramedics look at me. I'm fine.
- You're lucky.
They crossed the line, Frank. This is
a new level of threat. He's got courage now.
- I sent my daughter to her grandparents'.
- I think you should leave too, Frank.
- I won't be driven out.
- Nobody is...
I'm not goin' anywhere. That's what he wants.
Isn't that what he's hoping for? To get to me?
- Did you get a look at him, Frank?
- No.
Nothing? No description at all?
He's been up all night.
I'm sure you could use some sleep.
I'd like everybody to get out
of my house.
Think they'll find anything
up there, Frank? Prints?
Excuse me.
Agent Hollis?
- How well do you know him?
- Frank?
Pretty well, I think.
You know, I've seen this before.
I'm not sure what you mean.
Agents too long on the job. A tendency
to overdramatise, even fabricate scenarios.
You think he's making it up?
We're not gonna find
any evidence in the house.
He can't ID the intruder
and he won't leave the house.
- Like I said, I've seen it before.
- You think he sent those photos to himself?
He could have taken that. Altered it.
He has access to the equipment.
You're talking about a breakdown.
I'm talking about
the beginnings of a breakdown.
It could very possibly get worse.
There are no prints on the walls upstairs,
on the banister or the front door.
There are no tracks outside in the garden.
No indication of any point of entry.
Anyone turned up a camera?
Only the snapshot
which Boxer's looking into.
The only thing he's looking into
is my credibility.
Come on, Frank.
You know how it works. It's victimology.
- I'm not a suspect.
- We don't have a suspect.
We don't have evidence.
Which Boxer finds kinda strange.
And so do you.
Frank, what are you hiding?
- Nothing.
- Frank.
Father Yahger?
I was in your church a long time ago.
I'm not a Catholic, but my wife was.
My name is Frank Black.
Her name was Catherine.
She passed away last year.
You came to see me?
I had nowhere else to go.
- Is this a spiritual matter?
- Yes.
I mean... But it's unusual.
I feel the presence of evil,
but I don't know if it's real.
Or if it's something...
someone playing with my fears.
Sit down, Mr Black.
Thank you.
You believe the Church can protect you?
Is that it?
- I had nowhere else to turn.
- Have you considered a psychiatrist?
I've been there, Father.
I work with the FBI.
This is not about psychiatry.
I've been having visions.
A man broke into my house last night.
I saw his
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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