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this. It doesn't last forever.
- Let me help you with that knife, Jordan.
- I can do it, Grandpa.
I know you can, but it's your birthday
and I wanna do it with you.
- Hey! No fair.
- Somebody's using trick candles.
- What is it?
- Package came for Jordan.
- From who?
- Well, it's just an address.
Maybe it's a birthday present.
- I think they could use some help in there.
- I think so, too.
Daddy, smile.
- What did you get there?
- Look, a real camera.
- What was it, Frank?
- Nothing.
It was for me. It was for me.
We ran the adhesive on the glue flap.
Prints, hair, fibre.
Whoever sent these is being very careful.
The return address is a storefront
postal service in Richmond.
We hoped the sender would have bought the
express envelope there but there's no record.
Frank, you got no idea
who may have sent these to you?
- None at all?
- None.
Are these the first such photos
you've received, Mr Black?
I've asked Special Agent Boxer
to sit in on this.
He's been working threat assessment
in the corporate workplace,
where they are very familiar
with such an act.
- I've had photos sent to me before.
- But you knew who sent those?
They were the MO of a killer
that we caught and is now dead.
I've had some sent to me in the last
three years, when I retired briefly.
They were of my... They were snapshots
of my daughter and my wife.
That man is deceased as well.
And these are the first
you've received since then?
Since my wife died.
These are different, aren't they?
- They've never been of me.
- These aren't exactly of you.
These pictures have been digitally altered
by a computer and retaken with a camera.
Pictures of pictures, if you will.
Do these images
mean anything special, Mr Black?
They're all sent for the same reason.
To scare me.
To terrorise my family.
He'll only be successful
if I allow that to happen.
I wouldn't discount this latest threat, Frank.
It's an old tactic, but a fresh effort.
Then give him an A for effort, Andy.
It's been my experience...
little else can be done.
What are you looking for?
- Answers.
- You told Boxer there's little to be done.
I don't want that guy thinking
he can get into my head.
- He's good at what he does.
- I don't care.
I know what the prescription is.
What he's gonna tell me to do is run.
Why not, if you're afraid?
He wouldn't blame you.
I'm not gonna run, Emma.
I'm gonna find out who's doing this.
How far will you go to do that?
What will you risk?
- Why?
- I think I know a place to start.
It's been scanned and digitally enhanced.
That's how I saw it.
We've lost detail in the photo but in the
blow-up you can see it's blue ceramic tile.
- This could be any bathroom.
- There's a chip in one of the tiles.
This person is someone who knows you.
Or someone you know.
Someone with access to your life.
I'd prefer that this didn't get out, Emma.
Especially to Boxer.
Boxer gave me a profile to work off.
He said it would be someone close to you.
He also says you know more
than you're saying about the photos.
Well, he's right.
Why keep that a secret?
Because that's what it is.
A secret. My secret.
Something no one else would have
any way of knowing. A childhood fear.
There was this pond.
I was with my brothers.
They used to go swimming in this
swimming hole, At night with their friends.
And on this night,
they let me go with them.
It was a deep pond
fed by an underground spring.
The water was cold and dark.
Couldn't even see your feet most of the time.
Always gave me the creeps,
even in the daytime.
The big boys were diving down, seeing
how long they could hold their breath.
But I was afraid, and some of my brothers'
friends, they started to tease me.
Come on, go under.
Then one of them decided
to play a trick on me.
You were afraid you were gonna drown.
Yeah, I was.
But this night was different.
One of my brothers
didn't think it was very funny.
That was so


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