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Meaning you stole it?
From a clinic called Emergen. Takahashi,
that fingerprint match, worked here.
And the hands are two years old.
Hollis, I told you to drop all this.
We've got five growing hands. They came into
existence and one of them matches that man.
What are you saying?
They're grown from him? Built? What?
All I know is I've got stem cells here
in a black case.
What life comes from.
Packaged just like those hands.
Hollis, you wait right there,
Don't move, You hear me?
- Yes, sir.
- I'm on my way,
Oh, son of noble family.
Listen without distraction.
Now that thing called death is upon you.
Tell us something, will you?
What did you do for them?
What do they want from you?
Do not be afraid.
But know everything you experience,
beautiful or terrifying...
is a mere projection of your own mind.
Soon the wrath of deities
will appear before you,
The path of destruction
from the sins you have accumulated,
Now is the time to recognise these
as manifestations of your own
fierce pride,
Now is the time to turn away,
Oh, son of noble family.
Now you will see the dawning
Recognise it for what it is.
A natural awareness of your
own energy.
Understand and you are liberated.
Do not cling to fear,
or the bright light of accumulated sins,
But do not try to flee it, either.
Steven. Steven.
Steven Takahashi.
Listen, they're here now,
but you're not alone.
I'm gonna be here with
you when they come.
I know what you've been going through,
what they've done. They've confused you.
They've taken all the goodness you know is
inside you, and twisted it against your intent.
Used it against you.
Don't let them confuse you now.
This is the time to undo
what you've done.
The bowl.
Federal investigator.
Stop right there! I said stop!
You too. Stop right there. Move over there
with them. Do it. Hands away from the body.
OK. Now, one at a time,
starting with you, drop your weapon.
Eyes on me! Put down your weapon!
- Hollis!
- Now.
We don't have any weapons.
I said wait.
Forget the bowl. Forget the Group.
They've stood everything on its head.
Cos they don't trust
the clear voice you heard inside you.
Trust that voice now.
Listen to that voice,
They have no hold over you,
You've done everything
you can do now,
They can come,
Let 'em,
Recognise them for what they are
and they cannot defeat you.
Understand... and you are liberated.
You can't hurt him. He's dead.
The consciousness is liberated
through the head.
It is a good sign.
They left while we were in there.
Hollis, no one left.
I saw a van pull in here.
They were loading black cases.
The people that work in this building
do medical testing for an HMO.
- That's what they say.
- That's what they do.
That's what they were doing when you
blasted in here, waving your weapon at 'em.
You're scaring me.
- This is it, isn't it? This place.
- Hollis.
Sorry to intrude, Andy.
- Thought you were outta town.
- I was. I'II...
I'll touch base later.
Watts. Watts.
Watts! Hey!
Hey, bald man!
- What is it, Hollis?
- You didn't think I'd find this place.
Not without Frank.
You thought you didn't have to worry.
Well, your mistake, Watts! I made it.
You hear me?
Watts! I am here!
I'm here, Watts! You hear me?
We see what our karma
allows us to see,
The beauty of this world,
and the terrors,
Both illusions of our own making,
The peaceful deities and wrathful,
Mere projections, not real,
Even this form we take
is an expression of our own minds,
Do not cling to the illusions of this world.
Leave them behind.
And find truth to take their place.
Understand... and you are liberated.
Understand... and you are liberated.
I saw them, Frank.
Forjust one moment.
I saw them clearly.
Peter Watts really is evil, isn't he?
Maybe no one's beyond redemption.
I have to believe that.
Understand... and you are liberated.
I made this!- Justine. Let me give you a hand.
- You enjoy
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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