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But do not be afraid.
Listen without distraction.
Millennium Group executions.
- You think these guys knew more?
- No, just crew.
Someone tossed the boat looking
for something. After you found the hands.
I think the harbour cops surprised them,
came on them unexpectedly.
Forced a showdown.
Who tipped you off about this?
McClaren assigned me.
I guess he got a tip from somewhere.
- It's not exactly open where it came from.
- I think something is missing.
About the hands.
I'm trying to find out where
they came from.
You know what I think you need to do?
The same thing I've been trying to do.
Is set aside my preconceptions.
Start over.
Dr Steven Takahashi.
This doesn't make sense.
Fingerprints don't work this way.
He's of Japanese descent. A biologist.
- He's a grown man. We have five kids' hands.
- I know that.
- And it's not even a match. It's a partial.
- Six points.
What are you even saying here?
- I think we should bring Frank in on this.
- Out of the question.
- Sir, I think...
- Out of the question. Did you hear me?
You won't like this either, but,
given the method of execution on that boat,
I don't want the Millennium Group
consulting on this.
They're not. They're not
doing anything for us right now.
Peter Watts was here.
I don't see how. When this broke, I checked
his availability. They said he was in Montana.
The finish appears to be Bunsei style.
Popular in Edo during
the late Tokugawa period. Early 1800s.
- So it's old?
- It appears old.
It could have been made yesterday.
- Do you see many of these?
- I don't see any.
The Japanese aren't fond
of false antiquities.
Can you tell me anything about its finish?
I'll need a day.
Those characters, where are they from?
Frank Black.
You've come.
Partial match to what?
- One of the hands.
- It's meaningless, Hollis.
Run the database,
you get a dozen matches.
- No, just this one.
- Pure coincidence. Ask McClaren.
Well, you tell me, then.
Where do you think they came from?
To tell you the truth,
I try not to think about it.
Look at this.
Takahashi published every few years. Then in
1993, one last paper and he drops outta sight.
Transubstantiation of the Human Species:
Biology as the New Alchemy.
I've seen a thousand titles
just like that on the Internet.
Hey, wait.
His last known place of employment, five
years ago. I've been tryin' to track it down.
- What do they do, Emergen Corp?
- That's why I remember the ad. It doesn't say.
How do you know me?
You left the Millennium Group.
You're a member?
I let them use my work.
I didn't know it was gonna go this far.
I let the FBI know.
I had nowhere else to turn.
The hands on the boat.
Is that what you call your work?
I made it possible.
It is so far ahead.
- The Group is...
- From what? What are they doing?
Their plan.
"We are racing toward
an Apocalypse of our own creation. "
Is that how it starts?
They never let me see it.
I thought you would know.
So you didn't send me the virus?
- What virus?
- The computer virus.
That's what brought me here.
I thought you came here to help me.
That somehow you knew.
That's what they said about you.
That's what I always heard about you.
Fill this out. If you don't know your exact date
of conception, we will determine it for you.
How did he get here?
Like you, he found his way here.
There is nothing more painful
than thinking
there is no point to the suffering
you are going through.
- I can't help him with that.
- He believes you can.
He gives you a gift.
An opportunity to help him.
With his death.
With his future life.
A chance to find out why you are here.
- McClaren.
- Sir,
- Hollis, where in the hell are you?
- 5312 Ogden Parkway, Arlington.
Some kind of research facility, I think.
- I need a search warrant for this place.
- Based on what?
I intercepted some human tissue
that was supposed to be delivered here.
- Umbilical cords.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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