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- My daughter's.
Somehow Nina exposed this. Some resident
program that's not supposed to be there.
A virus?
I'll say. God knows what it's doing,
but it does seem to be addressed to you.
So someone is targeting me?
Any idea who that might be?
Frank. I've been looking all over for you.
- Can you join us upstairs?
- What is it?
Can you come to conference three
as soon as possible?
Leave it here.
I'll take a real look at it if you want.
Thank you.
These were uncovered in the course
of a Bureau raid led by Agent Hollis.
We received a tip that the vessel was carrying
counterfeit merchandise, which was true.
The hands were an unexpected discovery.
And while the origin of the vessel
is Japanese, the hands are Caucasoid.
They're roughly two years old, in size,
and all apparently male.
Agent Hollis.
The captain and crew
confessed to the handbags.
Although they seemed genuinely
surprised by the other cargo.
We've returned the crew to the boat,
but it's unlikely that whoever was
going to meet the cargo will do so now.
Slide, please.
We're keeping a 24-hour watch on the vessel,
via the harbour police. Slide, please.
No. Excuse me,
could you bring that back again?
The calligraphy. What does it mean?
It's hard to translate. It means, "Our karmic
fate. A bad end we bring on ourselves. "
Thank you.
"An Apocalypse of our own creation. "
Why did you come to our monastery?
You should be in a hospital.
You need a doctor.
A doctor can't fix the things I've done.
I've made horrible mistakes.
I know.
To you it seems
this is the right place to be.
But you need to be with those who know you,
who know your mind.
I... I need peace.
You are dying.
Afraid. You hope for peace.
But hope is the enemy of peace of mind.
Just as much as fear.
- You wanted to see me?
- Could you close the door, please?
I'm sure you're wondering
where the tip-off on the boat came from.
- Everyone is.
- Would you like to know?
I can't conduct an investigation
without knowing.
I'm asking,
can I tell you in confidence?
The tip-off came from
a Bureau undercover agent.
That's how I got the case.
That's how you got assigned.
Only it turns out the agent never said it.
- Who did?
- Someone familiar with internal procedures.
We're keeping this quiet
until we can piece things together. Now...
Can I tell you something
in total confidence?
- Total confidence.
- No games, Hollis.
I'm saying if you keep your mouth shut,
you can step up. That means tell no one.
- You mean Frank.
- I need a commitment.
Yeah. OK.
You can tell me.
There's no sign of trauma to the tissue.
The hands are even, unblemished.
No necrotic breakdown.
Meaning what?
Have a look.
- What is that?
- They're growing.
Any progress?
- What are you doing here?
- I'm consulting on that multiple in Florida.
Thought I'd stop by.
I'm really kind of busy.
Red lacquer bowls.
They don't make these any more.
The lacquer is loaded with metal.
Gold dust, mercury.
It's designed to reflect
the subtleties of candlelight.
Electric light killed these. It's a dead art.
Things come and go.
The old makes way for the new.
Nothing sinister about it, Hollis.
You're forgetting.
I know what you do.
I'd say you never bothered to find out.
Let me know when you're outta here.
I ran it by a friend.
He'd never seen anything like it.
It's impossible to say what it's up to.
It keeps rewriting itself.
- A snake eating its own tail.
- That's one way to put it.
- How did it get on my machine?
- I'll need your help on that.
It's who have you plugged into,
who have they plugged into. And so on.
Unless you've got some idea
who sicked this on you.
Wait, Mr B. I got something here.
"We are racing toward... "
The Apocalypse.
I'll get back to you, Doug.
Oh, son of noble family.
You now have arrived
at that thing called death.
Listen carefully. You are not alone.
All who have gone before
you have died.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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