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There was semen in the urethra.
He had sex just before he was killed.
- What's going on, Mr Black?
- Thank you.
Corporal Roger Shivley.
There's a note on his file
of an investigation by the military police
into an alleged rape in Saudi Arabia.
Case never came to court,
but he left the army shortly after.
Pathologist's report suggests
he had sex before he was killed.
The body was kneeling,
but that didn't mean praying.
It meant spying. A Peeping Tom.
The door he was kneeling against,
it was a bathroom, shower, something.
Yes, inmate's shower room.
Where is this heading, Frank?
Why cut off his head?
Because he had seen her.
By cutting off the head, she blinds him.
- She unmans him,
- But her father?
He'd been away three years, going through
God knows what. High stress, secret ops.
He returns home and finds
his daughter a young woman.
- He raped her.
- But not at the house.
The head wasn't found at the house.
- Then where?
- What do we have?
Wild palms, crossed palms.
Look in the local directory,
see if you can find anything,
OK. Only four miles from Cass's
house there's a Palm Court Motel.
- That's all I can find.
- That sounds like it,
Call out the cavalry,
Tell 'em to come quick and quiet,
- What the hell?
- A young couple checked in last night.
A blonde, straight hair. Which room?
327. She asked for 327.
Stay in there, Joe. I want you to stay
in there and don't come out, OK? Please?
- Cass?
- Shh.
- Cass, I know you're in there.
- What do you want?
- I just want to make sure you're OK.
- Who are you?
- My name's Frank.
- But who are you, Frank?
Where's Joe, Cass?
Why can't he speak to me?
Don't say anything. Stay quiet.
Let me speak to him.
He doesn't want to, he's with me.
Are you one of them?
- What was that?
- It's just someone moving in next door.
It's them, isn't it?
They're here to kill me.
Nobody is going to kill you, Cass. Let me
inside so we can speak, you and me and Joe.
What's he doing? Anyone got a shot?
What's he doing?
Anyone got a shot?
Where's Joe, Cass? Joe?
We're running out of time here, Cass.
Did you let Joe see you, Cass?
What do you mean?
Did you let him see you?
Well, he had to see me.
He has Darwin's eye.
Let him go.
You don't want to hurt him, Cass.
- I could never hurt him. I love him.
- Then let him go.
I would never have used it.
I couldn't have.
I didn't do it.
I didn't.
They found this in there, too.
She packed it in lime. Hid it in the ceiling.
Emma Hollis.
He's made hundreds of copies,
all the same, but he won't stop.
I asked, but he was violent.
He's frightening my customers.
You must make him stop.
- Please...
- No!
Daddy, stop. Stop.
Daddy, stop. Stop it.
Daddy. Daddy.
Stop it, now, stop it.
Emma. Where've you been?
I was working. I'm sorry.
That's OK. We got
to earn a living, haven't we?
How much do we see
with Darwin's eye?
How much are we seen?
We watch,
and we're watched.
Something imposes order,
and something imposes accident.
Order and accident.
One and the same.
What matters is survival.
Survival of the fittest.
Darwin was right about that, anyway.
I made this!Help me.
Help... me.
Come on, you'll really like it.
Just put it in.
It's gonna take a moment.
Here, let me do it.
It's not that hard.
Didn't they teach you in school?
What's that?
- "Frank Black. "
- Yeah.
That's you.
"We are racing toward... "
"an Apoca... "
"Apoca... "
What's "Apocalypse", Daddy?
- Wait. You usually investigate homicides?
- That's right. Dead people.
So this must have come as a surprise.
What'd you say when asked
to look at bootleg purses?
I said, "Yes, sir. "
- They're all on board.
- OK.
Let's make the world safe
for designer handbags.
FBI! Everybody up on deck!
FBI! You're under arrest.
Do you understand? Under arrest.
There you go.
You're not supposed to install
software on Bureau equipment.
- "Nina Samurai Princess
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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