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How can you believe all that stuff, Cass?
- We happened by accident.
Didn't we?
Daddy, please.
Physically he's fine, Emma.
He's just exhausted.
- Exhausted by what?
- What he's going through.
He can feel he's losing
his grip on reality, on memory.
But it's so sudden. He's too young.
I don't understand.
Is it sudden? Yes. Is he young? Yes. I told
you before this disease chooses its own pace.
But, he'll be able to lead
a normal life for a while.
- He can't live on his own.
- I agree.
He'll need a live-in, or he could come
live here with you, or perhaps your mother.
She kind of abrogated
responsibility 20 years ago.
Who is that?
My sister, Melissa. She was murdered
at our home when she was ten.
My father had folded her face
into flowers.
Let him sleep as long as he likes.
I'll come by tomorrow first thing.
If anything crops up, just call me.
Thank you.
We know what you did, Cass,
We're just trying to find out why.
Now, if you don't understand, well.
Well, that's OK too.
You gotta tell us
what happened to your daddy.
Don't you want him
to be buried like a Christian?
Mr Black.
Agent Baldwin. How are you doing?
We have a sighting up in the mountains.
Hikers saw them up at a beauty spot.
Asylum, roadblock,
McNulty's car, mountains.
Girl's house is here.
You see a pattern?
- She's marking time.
- Marking time for what?
I don't know.
I don't know, don't know.
It's me, Emma.
What do the palms mean?
Why did you turn her eyes into palms?
Is this it?
No. But we need to sleep.
- Cass, you said you were taking me where...
- Not yet.
You said you could prove it.
That's where we were going.
Not yet.
I'm sorry.
Where we're going,
what you're going to see, isn't good.
This, here, with you, this is...
The closest that I've ever been to happy.
I don't want it to end.
Not yet.
- We'd like a room.
- All right, coming right up.
Numero 146. That'll be $35.
Well, that's on the second floor.
That's what we want. 327.
OK. Numero 327.
Think he recognised me?
He just thinks you're Madonna.
Hello, this is Emma Hollis,
Please leave a message,
Emma, it's Frank, I'm sorry for calling so late, I
wanted to tell you something about the palms,
- Hello?
- Who is this?
- This is James Hollis,
- Oh, you're Emma's father.
I am.
I'm afraid Emma went out.
Uh, do you know where she went?
She was concerned about the palms.
- Well, could you please tell her I called?
- I will tell her.
- Are you staying there, with Emma?
- Yes.
- I'm losing my mind.
- I'm sorry?
I will tell her about the palms.
Thank you.
- Are you OK, Emma?
- Yeah.
- I just thought I'd take a look at the real deal.
- The real deal?
The really mad.
She is nuts, isn't she? All this
is just gibberish really, isn't it?
I phoned your apartment, Emma.
I spoke to your father.
He's not well. That's all.
I called because I did
a search for the crossed palms.
There was nothing in Cass's
father's record. Not anything.
If this means anything,
it only means something to her.
Yeah, but what? What?
- Oh, my God.
- It's her.
It's all about her.
Close your eyes.
- Cass.
- Don't look.
Promise me you won't look.
Yeah, that's it. Keep them shut.
See now.
- If it's all her, what are the walls?
- Trying to make sense of what happened.
Which was?
This cannot just be about her.
Emma. Don't keep looking for conspiracies.
Things are simpler than they seem.
While my father's cutting up
my sister's face and turning it into flowers.
What's simple about that?
I didn't know. I'm sorry.
No. I shouldn't have mentioned it.
What do you want me to do?
- Are you OK to?
- Yeah, I'm OK.
I want you to go back to Quantico.
I need more background on Roger Shivley.
Want to see the head or the body?
- Can you tell if he had sex?
- When?
- Before he died.
- What on earth is this about?
Can you tell if he had sex?
I'm no pathologist, but...


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