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Are you threatening me again?
- I'm worried about you. Everybody is...
- Hey! Listen to me. Cut your losses.
It's all in your head. You've been
telling people we caused an outbreak.
- We both know. Don't lie to me again.
- You're not hearing me. Stop, please.
I'm gonna prove it. I'm gonna be all over you.
You'll always know where I am.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hi.
Hiya, Jordan. How are you doin'?
I wanna spend the day with you.
Just us. Yeah. What do you think about that?
What does he know?
Not much.
Not yet.
Dr Coty? Emma Hollis.
- You sure don't look FBI.
- You don't look CIA.
They built this just for Grillflame. Totally
soundproof, so they could concentrate.
Who could concentrate?
The remote viewers.
That's what the Pentagon called 'em. There
were six at the height of the programme.
They'd settle into a couch
in one of these rooms and just do it.
Do what, Dr Coty?
Project themselves outward and then
down onto some predetermined target
which they would proceed through
in their minds.
Just like we're walking through
this building now.
Project themselves? How?
Are you saying psychically?
- Grillflame was not psychic spies.
- Remote viewers.
Wait. This is for real?
Didn't work every time.
It mostly blew your mind.
What we first learned about
advanced Soviet weapons -
typhoon subs, T72 tanks,
microwave installations -
all of it was foreseen right here
in one of these rooms.
There was this one amazing viewer,
way beyond the rest.
A woman. Always used this room.
She could float down a hallway
7,000 miles away
into a meeting, read the name tags,
and what was written on the board.
Secretary of defence swore
she could see the future.
All anyone wanted
was more of what she had.
- Where is she now?
- Who knows?
Once you discover
space and time don't matter,
you can't really go home again,
can you?
- What was her name?
- Didn't use names. Just numbers.
Did she have children? Daughters?
Because that would be one way for them
to get more of whatever they thought she had.
There were rumours.
Plane crashes, house explosions, car wrecks.
A lot of bad luck for one family.
So they are all sisters?
Nothing for publication until the gene maps
come back, but I'd say half-sisters.
- Same mother?
- Like I said, not for publication.
They're half-sisters, meaning four different
fathers. But they're all the same age.
How does that work?
You'd have to fertilise in vitro, placing the
embryos in four different gestational carriers.
- It's not possible.
- Why?
We're talking 30 years ago.
They barely did that stuff on cows back then.
Someone was doing it.
What about the children?
What about them?
McClaren's looking for you.
You've been AWOL.
Tell him I'll be right up.
I'm sorry, Agent Hollis.
Have you forgotten how this works?
See, I'm the investigator in charge, so you
don't flit off without telling me about it.
And when I say McClaren is looking for you,
you sprint toward his office.
Thank you.
Hollis, sit down.
- Where have you been?
- In the field, sir.
On whose authority?
Frank Black's?
No, but I think what he's saying
about this case is right.
Now, this thing started out
with a plane crash.
Not simple, but at least you could
get your head around it.
Now we've got yet another sister
very dead on arrival.
I don't know what's going on,
but I don't really think she did this to herself.
Baldwin, you keep working on the plane
crash. Hollis, I want you to get on this.
Can you believe it? The US Army, NSA, CIA,
Joint Chiefs, all hanging on every word
this woman, 512, uttered as she spacewalked
through East bloc military installations.
- I mean, spying. What were they thinking?
- That it was working.
Agent Hollis?
All right, thank you.
OK, here she is.
Look at that.
That's the room I was in.
She's 512.
The Pentagon wanted more of 512.
They tried to reproduce her literally,
in some weird
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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