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destination is her parents' old house in Luray,
where she may have
some unfinished business.
Luray sheriff will be
keeping a watch on the house.
Now, she is most likely gonna
be in a 1994 blue Ford Explorer,
driven by Derby County
Sheriffs Deputy Joseph McNulty.
Whether or not he's a willing
accomplice at this time, we do not know.
These were taken from
the walls of her room at the hospital.
There may be some meaning in them,
they may just be a smokescreen.
As far as we're concerned, she's a multiple
killer and we want her on the inside.
- So let's go.
- The orderly she killed.
Roger Shivley.
Do we know anything more about him?
Nothing significant,
other than his bad luck.
Joined the hospital six days ago
from the Army Medical Corps.
- His military record?
- Kuwait, Somalia...
- I really don't know what significance this...
- Hang on. The palms.
It's military insignia.
Like the kind used by the German
Africa Corps in the Second World War.
It's been picked up by other
special forces units since then.
Are you suggesting there's a connection?
I don't know, but maybe we should
be looking a bit harder into this.
What these walls have to say.
Her father's background, for example.
Maybe he's ex-special forces.
Fine. Do you want to do that,
Agent Hollis?
Or are you, in fact, on leave?
- I'm happy to do that.
- Good.
The rest of us will help
the local PD find the girl.
Cass's dad. Kieran Doyle. Colonel,
US Marine Corps, three tours in Vietnam.
Job at the Pentagon,
defence procurement.
Transferred to State Department, 1985.
First overseas posting, 1988.
Cultural affairs officer,
US embassy, Tokyo, Japan.
But look at his security clearance.
Highest level.
And he was a cultural affairs officer
and didn't speak a word of Japanese.
- CIA?
- Given his background, I'd say DIA.
Defense Intelligence Agency.
My dad, he was in that world.
A research scientist.
There's a game we used to play,
"Spot the Spy. "
Cass's father is a spy?
1990, '91, nothing, or at least
nothing they want us to know. Then:
1992, security officer,
Gibson Desert, Western Australia.
Didn't last long. April 7th, 1992, he gets
compassionate leave for unspecified reasons.
He's posted home.
Arrives April 11th, 1992.
- And a week later he's dead.
- OK.
If I were paranoid, I could read it like this.
A senior military intelligence officer,
with access to highly sensitive
material, is suddenly shipped home.
Soon as he gets there,
he and his wife are murdered.
She by a single bullet to the head,
he, we don't know how,
because his head is never found.
His daughter is there,
the assumed perpetrator.
So traumatised she doesn't speak for seven
years. That doesn't make sense, does it?
Unless he was about to divulge
something, so they silenced him,
but somehow he got it to the girl
first and now they're after her.
Who are "they", Emma?
This whole military intelligence thing,
we're running with it because
a girl drew crossed palms on a wall.
No. We are running with it because a whole
lot doesn't make sense. You know that.
I'm sorry.
Maybe I am reading too much into this.
You know what? I'm gonna call it a day.
I guess McClaren was right.
I do need a rest.
See you later.
It's so beautiful.
Yeah. Yeah, it is.
My dad used to take me
walking places like this.
Dad, huh?
You still don't believe me.
We were just a family.
We were a normal family.
- How'd it happen, then?
- How does anything happen?
All of this, trees, mountains,
river, all of it was just a ball.
This ball of gas.
Spinning in space, you know?
One of billions.
But somehow, this one ball of gas...
Into earth, sea, sky.
You and me.
How could that have happened?
Accident. One in a billion.
Everything about us is an accident.
That blue eye you see me with.
Darwin's eye.
Iris, cornea, retina.
An accident evolution couldn't explain.
We happened by accident.
We're gonna end by accident.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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