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following this?
Yeah, I saw Barry Baldwin on TV.
Not quite his normal suave self.
No, he just had a head drop on him.
Crime scene. The child's
parents' house, seven years ago.
Mother was dead in the bedroom, father...
Some kind of pursuit here,
The girl had the gun,
so I guess dad's running,
Till they get to the shed,
I found the body,
the father's body, over here,
Right next to the woodpile,
They found Cass, the daughter,
over here, just sitting
next to the murder weapon,
You want to hold that up?
So they never found the head.
It was an isolated house.
Police didn't even show up till
36 hours after their deaths.
She must have been strong,
to cut a man's head off.
Well, they think she shot him first.
Same way she killed the mother.
Mr Doyle's head was never found,
so they couldn't prove it either way.
The Gervase Hospital.
An orderly was killed. Decapitated.
Head was in the ceiling
of the men's room.
- No blood anywhere. She cleaned up?
- Yeah.
So she hides the head,
but arranges the body in full view.
Kneeling, as if in prayer.
In prayer to whom, for what?
Why are we on this, Frank?
Favour to the local law
enforcement, apparently.
- The mother. Where was she shot?
- Single shot to the head, behind the ear.
- Like an execution?
- Yeah.
Well. Pretty impressive for a 15-year-old.
- Any signs of trouble before?
- None.
She was an excellent student.
Brilliant, even.
Had an IQ of 130.
Does any of this make sense, Frank?
The hospital room.
If there's sense to be made,
it's here.
Seven years after police found
15-year-old Cassie Doyle
waiting beside her parents'
butchered bodies, the girl has escaped.
- I didn't do it.
- They found you with the bodies.
I found my mother and father dead.
What was I supposed to do, just run away?
FBI Agent Barry Baldwin,
who now heads the manhunt...
FBI. I told you.
Why do you think they're involved?
- Cos you killed somebody.
- Why is the FBI investigating a murder?
Isn't that yourjob? Ask them.
Get on the radio and ask why men in suits
are here. It was men in suits who did it.
Stop, stop.
Men in suits. FBI.
You did something.
Some trick with the radio.
- How could you do that to me?
- I didn't do anything.
Look, this had to end.
Give up, please.
And let them kill me?
- Why would they kill you?
- Because of what I know.
What do you know?
I could show you. There's a place
that I could show you everything.
- What is it?
- Oh, just take me there and I'll show you.
Look, they're coming.
What are you gonna do?
They're gonna kill me like my mother and
father. Please don't let them, Joe, please.
- They're not gonna kill you.
- They are. I know what I know.
Everything connects.
A butterfly flaps its wings. I die.
I couldn't have hurt you, Joe. Not ever.
Keep your head down.
- Hollis. Thought you were on leave.
- What happened here?
The car is Deputy Joe McNulty's. One of
the mobile units involved in the search.
Radio contact till about 1.15, when we waved
him through a roadblock. Then he vanished.
Passer-by saw the car, called it in.
McNulty's house is 400 yards that way.
His car is gone, still no sign of the body.
There won't be a body.
- How do you know?
- For seven hours she was in the back seat.
He drove through a roadblock with her.
He's on her side now.
They've been driving seven hours,
but they're 20 miles from where they started.
- Where's she going, Frank?
- I don't know. I don't think she does.
It's obvious. She's going home.
For her father's head.
She knows where it is.
She's going to get it.
Her home is less than 50 miles away.
Why hasn't she gone there already?
Maybe she has.
Brought you some
clothes... and some water.
You should probably get changed,
so we can get going.
What is it?
It's OK. You can turn around now,
I'm decent.
I'm sorry.
I guess I'm not used to privacy.
Like my tattoo?
It's OK.
Did it myself.
Our best guess is that Cass Doyle's
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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