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Accident, It just happened,
We don't know how, we don't know,
One minute we're blind, next minute we see,
The dinosaurs are lords
of the earth for millions of years,
then a big damn rock hits
the Yucatn peninsula, and they're gone,
One minute we're here,
Next minute we're gone,
Accidents happen, That's life,
Are you OK? Are you hurt?
- Please help me. They're trying to kill me.
- Who's trying to kill you?
They are. They're gonna kill me.
Don't let them get me.
You're from the hospital.
Listen, lady...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
But what I want to know...
What I want to know...
is what makes the accidents happen?
Because something must,
Or someone,
Name's Roger Shivley.
Nursing orderly, been here less than a week.
Seems the killer escaped when Shivley
took her her night-time medication.
Chased her, she made
it to the treatment rooms,
got hold of some dissecting knives,
and took his head off.
Killer is Cassie Doyle, known as Cass.
Sent here in '92 aged 15
for the murder of her mom and dad.
Guess she wanted to relive
all the excitement.
Oh, she, uh...
She cut dad's head off too.
- Is the head still missing?
- Yeah, we're combing the grounds for it.
It's possible she took it as a souvenir.
You allowed her to do this, Dr Heath?
At first we tried to stop her,
confiscated pens and pencils.
She started writing in her own blood.
We had to give up.
I've looked at it. It's gibberish.
Eight, 24, 79.
Oh, August the 24th, 79 AD.
The eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the
destruction of Pompeii. All eruption dates.
There's Etna, Fuji, Mount St Helens.
So she reads books and she makes lists.
Does that tell us anything?
It might. Was this all photographed?
The crime scene boys are gonna send
by the blow-ups. Mr Black, with respect,
we've got a missing 20-year-old psycho.
I need to know where she's going...
If we're gonna know where, we have
to find out why. The answer might be here.
- She was mute. She never said a word?
- Not for seven years.
She's speaking now.
Suspect's name is Cass Doyle,
Five foot four, 110 pounds,
Blonde shoulder-length hair, blue eyes,
She is considered dangerous,
Charlie Two, what's your location? Over,
You're Charlie Two, aren't you?
- Then tell them.
- Charlie Two, do you copy?
This is Charlie Two. I'm about two miles
north of Vantage, just short of Madison.
Charlie Two out.
- Charlie Two, ten-four,
- Look, lady. You should give up.
This is all just gonna end
really badly if you don't.
- What's your name?
- Joe.
I know it will end badly, Joe.
The FBI will be here soon
if they're not here already.
- They'll never give up.
- Give up what?
Trying to kill me.
Why are we here?
- Looking for that head.
- No, why is the Bureau here?
Single homicide, obvious perpetrator.
Why not the local police?
I was ordered out here,
that's good enough for me.
Is there a reason Agent Hollis isn't here?
No reflection on you,
Agent Baldwin, I just want to know.
She's on leave.
Apparently, she's exhausted,
so McClaren told her
to take a couple of weeks off.
I'm going back up.
Suppose you must
be used to these weird ones.
Is he your boss, Frank Black?
No, he just consults
for me every once in a while.
Is he like one of those profilers?
You know,
that stuff is really kinda outdated.
Take one look at a crime scene,
you think you know what a killer's...
Oh, my God.
This is the Doyle living room,
There's no disturbance here,
We're gonna go upstairs now,
to the master bedroom,
where we found Mrs Doyle,
In bed,
Shot in the back of the head,
just behind the right ear,
Looks like it was point-blank,
Entrance and exit wounds
are consistent with,9mm,
I want you to get this, too,
- Frank.
- Hey.
- Heard McClaren told you...
- Yeah.
Hey, don't be ashamed
of needing a rest, Emma.
No, I'm fine, Frank. I'm just going
nuts in my apartment, that's all.
- This the runaway girl?
- You been

- --

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