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she stabbed him
in the leg with shears?
- You're saying he did it to himself?
- No.
- Then who do you think did?
- Get the shears. Have them examined.
- It's police jurisdiction.
- Please.
- What do we test for? Fingerprints?
- Everything.
I'll sign it.
Honey, if Simon is really your friend,
how come he's not showing himself to me?
I know all your other friends, don't I?
Sometimes when people say they're
your friend, they're not telling the truth.
Can't you tell when someone's bad?
I'm not sure.
It's Agent Hollis.
You're right about the prints. There's another
set on the shears. We haven't got a match yet.
- What is it?
- The fingerprints are from a child.
Right. And not from Jordan. So stop
telling me you have no idea what's going on.
They're from the kid. Lucas.
He's been doing everything.
- What's that even mean?
- You asked me what was going on,
and I told you.
But that's not even possible.
You saw something. What was it?
- I'm going to the Sanderson house.
- Frank...
Listen. Jordan's upstairs.
Stay with her.
Don't let her outta your sight.
My dad's in trouble! He needs me!
I have to get over there!
Jordan, now,
he wants us to stay here, OK?
- Mr Sanderson's after him!
- No, Mr Sanderson is not doing this.
- He is!
- No. Your dad said so.
- And he can take care of himself. He's fine.
- No!
Wake up. Wake up. Come on, hurry!
Hurry! My dad's coming back.
- I'm really tired. I'm not gonna make it.
- You're carrying too much.
- I'm not carrying anything.
- You know what I mean. Let it go.
- This is not the way out.
- It's the only way out.
- What?
- You know Jordan's future.
You don't wanna be around
when it happens. I'm doing you a favour.
- You can't keep me down here.
- You think?
Who's stronger, Frank? Me or you?
Hey. Hey.
- Daddy, I'm scared.
- It's OK.
It's OK.
- Daddy! Daddy!
- Jordan!
- Daddy! Daddy!
- Jordan! Jordan! No! No!
The firemen are here,
they're gonna go get your dad.
Come on. We gotta get outta here.
- Daddy!
- Oh, my God! Where's Will?
- Where's Lucas? No! My little boy's...
- Daddy!
- Help!
- Lucas!
- Lucas!
- Help!
- Don't go in!
- He's my son!
- No, he's not!
- Come back!
- Hey!
- No!
- I got you.
- Who's stronger, Frank?
Me or you?
- Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!
- Jordan, no.
How are you?
Do you see, Daddy?
Yeah, I see it.
See what?
See what, Frank?
The fingerprints off the shears
came back from the lab.
They match the prints
of the dead baby in Phoenix.
The one Mrs Simon was carrying.
Even though he technically died unborn,
the father named him on the death certificate.
- That doesn't surprise you.
- You want an explanation. I don't have one.
What did you see in that window
before the house exploded?
- What did you and Jordan see?
- I'm not sure.
That is such...
a lie.
I am so tired of stumbling through this
with you, not seeing, not knowing.
Not anything. I didn't get into this
to be a delivery boy, even for you.
I see what I'm allowed to see.
Just like everyone else.
I didn't see anything.
Neither did Jordan.
Not clearly. Not this time.
But she will.
And if she doesn't?
I made this!OK, So this is how
life is supposed to be.
Over millions of years,
we move forward, we evolve,
in a series of tiny incremental steps.
And each tiny step is a tiny improvement.
It has to be, Survival of the fittest,
that's what it's about.
If you don't move on, you end.
Or you're ended.
So, we start with the primal ooze,
and we end up with Mozart, Hitler,
Which explains everything,
And explains nothing,
Because not everything evolves,
Some things just happen,
Like the eye,
Even Darwin worried about the eye,
The iris, lens, retina,
How could any of those
things evolve in isolation?
How could they be useful on their own?
So how did the eye happen? How?

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