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We're gonna clear the air, sweetheart.
Come on down.
- Let go!
- Cut it out! Cut it out! Cut it out!
Come on. Jordan, come on!
Listen to me. You stop it.
Please, leave.
Simon, help!
Simon, help!
- My knee!
- You hurt yourself.
Who is Simon?
Jordan, who's Simon?
You have to fill this out. The law requires us
to submit this with certain childhood injuries.
- You're implying I did this?
- No, it's not an accusation.
In fact, the neighbour who witnessed the
accident called to tell us that. Will Sanderson.
Just fill it out on your way out.
OK, follow my finger, now.
Hey, Jordan. Jordan?
- What did you see?
- It's just the light's too bright.
That's OK. We're done now.
The nurse told me about her odd behaviour.
That's why I wanted to check her eyes.
A violent action
sometimes follows a blow to the head.
What did you see?
There's no organic damage.
Technically, she's fine.
Parenting's tough work.
- When are you gonna tell Daddy what's up?
- Nothing's up.
Who's Simon?
When you hurt yourself, you said,
"Simon, help me!" Who's Simon?
- I don't know.
- Jordan.
I don't.
What happened at the hospital,
when that doctor was looking in your eye?
Did you see something?
I know you see things sometimes.
It's important we talk about that.
- It's not that.
- What is it, then?
You've gotta be honest with me.
- Jordan?
- It's Lucas' father. He's bad.
- What do you mean?
- He's just bad. I just know it.
I'm Judy Scranton from
Neighborhood Friends and Dennis Realtors.
This is Calvin.
Say hello to our new neighbour, Calvin!
He's kinda shy.
I'm your official welcome
on behalf of our local merchants.
My wife's not in right now.
This is really more up her alley.
But you said on the phone
this would be a good time.
I did?
Uh... yeah.
- Come on in.
- Thank you. Calvin?
Calvin! Calvin, come on.
Thank you.
Look at this. Fresh from the oven.
Ooh, and it's still warm! Smell it. Come on.
Courtesy of Dole's Home Bakery.
That's down on Main and Fourth.
Calvin, don't touch that.
Calvin, put that back!
- My goodness. Is that your son?
- Mm-hm.
- What an angel! Is he around?
- He's with his mother.
I know what's weird here.
You've only been here one day,
but it looks like you have lived
here forever.
When we moved in,
we were living out of boxes for months.
Ordering out practically every night, which
didn't bother me at all, I'll tell you that...
We have got everything.
French, Italian, Thai, new cuisine...
She says that stuff is loaded with parasites.
She refuses to go near it.
And, of course, good old American.
Do they deliver? Yes, they do.
If you're looking for takeout,
this place is Mecca.
That reminds me.
There's an excellent Chinese place...
That's D-A-Z-E.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey, little guy! You don't belong over here.
Come on. Go back there with your mom.
I'm sorry. They're antiques.
We got 'em in Arizona.
We're going next winter. Have you
seen the Grand Canyon in the snow?
Been quite a day?
How's Jordan?
She has a new invisible friend
named Simon.
That would be all right for a
She leaped down the stairs and attacked the
father of a boy who moved in down the block.
She says he's bad.
The father, I mean.
- Is he?
- You know, I don't have a take on him yet.
According to the principal,
she's obsessed on the son.
- You know, the new boy in school.
- Obsessed, how?
She follows him around.
- They say she bit him.
- Is he cute?
I'm not trying to butt in. It's just
eight-year-old girls. I've got a niece that age.
Of course, I was that age... once.
- Can I come in?
- You already did.
This is a very cool room.
And I like your sweater.
You don't have to, you know.
Say stuff.
I know he's worried about me.
Yes, he is.
You know, he told me about Simon.
He did?
Is Simon here? I mean, right now?
Is that Simon?
- You see him?
- Not exactly, but I know he's there.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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