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this!I love this!
You like?
- I'm going to ride everywhere.
- Yeah. Tomorrow, in the daylight.
- I get to ride to school, right?
- Well, we'll talk about it.
I know what that means.
That means "yes".
Come here.
That means we talk about it.
I'm expecting a call from Grandma.
You stay in the driveway, OK?
- The driveway. You hear me?
- Mm-hm.
No, I don't want to double my money
in 20 minutes. Yeah, I know what an IPO is.
How did you get my name, anyway?
Well, whoever the hell you are,
I want you to take my name off your list.
Who are you?
Jordan, what are you doing?
I was coming... I was coming right home.
- You scared me, sweetheart.
- Sorry, Daddy.
- Did you wear this when you were little?
- They didn't have plastic then.
- So what did they make them out of?
- Dinosaur bones. Here.
All right, give me the rules.
Stop at every corner
and look both ways before you cross.
- And?
- Page you when I get there.
It's only, like, a few blocks.
- Why do you think I'm letting you ride there?
- Dad!
Be careful.
Have a beautiful day at school.
Good start.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye.
You want a ride? Come on!
Good. Ready?
OK, son. You ready?
Give me five.
Shh! I know. I saw.
- Did Jordan call?
- Not since I got here.
- Something wrong?
- No. We got a new deal.
She goes to school on her own and pages me
the second she gets there, but she hasn't.
- I was hoping she'd called.
- You think she's OK?
- I know she is. I followed her. But...
- Rules.
If she's distracted,
I know she came by that honestly.
Can I borrow the reviews for the case
from yesterday? I've misplaced mine.
All right. Hooray.
- 007?
- She's going through her spy phase.
Thank you.
OK, OK, I'll tell him.
She bit me! Right here!
She bit me!
We expect a certain amount
ofjousting at that age, but not this.
Teasing is mixed up with roughhousing.
It's mixed up with attraction.
- Yeah.
- This boy says she was following him.
- She never mentioned him.
- He just moved here.
- And what did Jordan say about it?
- She's not talking.
This isn't like her.
She's been a model student.
I'd like to ask her what's going on.
Well, you have all day.
We have a firm rule about biting here.
You go home.
- Sorry, but I didn't bite anybody.
- Did too!
I didn't. I didn't!
Yes, you did!
He's not your father! He's not!
He's not!
He's not your father!
He's not! He's not your father!
He's not!
He's not your father!
He's not your father!
He's not!
He's not your father!
I didn't bite anyone.
- Then what did you do?
- I said.
I know you said you didn't know. But I'm
having a very tough time believing that.
- I said I was sorry.
- That's not good enough.
You gotta tell me what happened.
- Did you take those papers from my desk?
- No! How many times do I have to say it?
You know, I want you to think
about what you did there.
Do you want any more of this?
I want you to stay up here
until you're ready to tell me what's going on.
I want to tell him.
- Oh, hi.
- Mr Black?
We're Lucas' parents.
The boy at school.
- Please, come in.
- We just moved in around the corner.
- I'm Will Sanderson. This is my wife Jean.
- Frank.
- Hi.
- I'm sorry. I don't know how this happened.
- So she's not usually...?
- No, no. She's a great kid. A really great kid.
I don't know what's got into her.
How's your son?
Well, it's been rough.
You know what it's like for kids at this age.
They move into a new place,
they want to fit in...
- Well, she swears she didn't bite him.
- That's the least of it.
She yelled at Lucas
that Will's not his father.
I'm not... his father,
and Jean's not his mother.
He's adopted. We never figured out
how to tell him, until today.
We had to.
He... he came home so distraught.
I keep telling myself
your daughter's just a little girl.
- But what kind of a person would do that?
- Wait, wait. We'll get to the bottom of this.
Come on down.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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