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I'll show them to Jeannie.
So, what have we got?
Temple, skin...
Why Jeannie Borenstine?
Cohen. Cohen.
Ancient Israelites were divided
into tribes.
The Kohens were traditional priests.
Jean Borenstine's maiden name was Cohen.
That's why they want her baby.
- They want him to be a priest?
- To serve in the Temple.
To welcome the Messiah.
The Six Day War.
The Israelis took Jerusalem,
but Dayan didn't take the Temple Mount.
He knew it would be a political disaster.
He gave control of the mosques
back to the Arabs.
Now, a lot of people were disappointed,
but some went off the deep end.
Your friend, Gourevitch...
He got caught planting explosives
around those mosques five years ago.
Look at him. He's been living
with that betrayal for 30 years.
He's finally taking action.
I still don't get exactly how
the Millennium Group fits in.
- Watts was at the hospital.
- We know they're involved.
Their prints are all over. This whole case
is shaping up to be about the End Times.
We'd be blind not to see it.
Agent Hollis, could you just
give us a moment, please?
You think the Group was behind this?
Watts has been around,
but I don't know why.
I want this baby returned
to his parents alive. That's all.
- Now, people are watching.
- What does that mean?
Watching Hollis. I brought her in because
she was first in her class at Quantico,
she's got an IQ over the moon.
This Group stuff.
I can't protect her forever.
Don't let her ruin her career.
Wait, wait a minute.
Something happened in there, don't pretend.
You hung me out to dry.
- You were wrong.
- You know something I don't?
I'm saying the Group
is not always what it seems.
You're not seeing what they're doing.
It's better to wait than to generalise.
- Sometimes waiting costs lives.
- Other times it saves them.
Your maiden name was Cohen.
- Why does that matter?
- It could matter a great deal.
Jeannie, your maternal grandfather
was Chief Rabbi of Philadelphia in 1932.
He was both a Cohen and a Levite,
another priestly tribe.
your grandfather was also a Cohen.
Your family's been in the rabbinate
as far back as we can find records.
Their plan is to raise your son
as a priest in the Third Temple.
- But there is no Third Temple.
- They believe there will be one soon.
But... what will they do with him now?
He's just a little baby.
They need him now to raise
him unpolluted.
They have to be very careful
to keep it that way.
What I went through,
the birth in water...
The earth holds the dead,
which would pollute him.
They can't allow him to touch
the ground.
Wait a minute.
If he touches the ground,
what would they do?
I believe he's safe for right now.
They're gonna want to move him,
out of the country possibly.
So if you can remember anything,
even the smallest detail, it would help.
You say that they were
speaking Hebrew.
Yes. But I don't know any Hebrew.
Just once in a while,
there would be words.
You know,
words that were in English.
Somebody said "sandwich".
- This is ridiculous, it's not...
- No, that's good. What else?
I don't know.
Mirror, I think they said.
Or myrrh.
I don't know, I couldn't get it.
Any particular subway line?
Look, I could have just dreamed
half of this.
That doesn't necessarily
make it untrue.
What is your son's name?
We'll find Max.
The Messiah is coming.
We must prepare for him.
I would never subvert that plan.
You were the only one among us who
could have helped the woman escape.
You dressed her in your vestments.
You wanted them to find us.
You're wrong.
Betrayer from the time of Eve.
What do you want?
I know you have a skewed picture
of us and what we do. I'd like to fix it.
Tell me where to find Gourevitch.
He used to be an ally of ours.
No longer.
Well, that's not what I asked.
Where is the baby?
Or doesn't his life matter?
We want to find
that baby as much as you do.
We're trying to
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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