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wanted to emigrate to Israel.
She never left.
The books aren't even dusty.
It's fresh.
Wait, Frank, look at this.
The print you found at the house.
It's smaller.
She's part of it.
The Millennium Group.
It's an ancient symbol.
Nobody owns it.
The baby.
Relax. It's good for the baby.
Push now.
He's coming.
Please. Please.
Give him to me.
Give him to me.
All the iconography is pre-Christian.
Look. This pattern of the bleeding sword,
right there, indicates the First Temple.
It was built by King Solomon, 1000 years BC.
There was a Second Temple after that.
Sacrificial scene dates back
to the Second Temple. This one.
The Romans destroyed the Temple
when they sacked Jerusalem.
Fanatics want to rebuild
the Third Temple on the same spot.
I thought there were mosques there now.
There are.
For 1300 years.
They can't tear down the mosques
without starting a war.
According to biblical prophecy, once the
Temple's rebuilt, then the Messiah will come.
Look at that.
The circle will be complete.
The world can end.
Sounds like the Group to me.
Do you speak English?
Do you understand me?
What did you do with my baby?
He's fine. He is.
I know your voice.
If you have any kindness,
please, give me my son.
I'll never tell.
You. What are you doing with my baby?
Where is my baby?
Where's my baby? Help!
No. No.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean anything.
I just... I just want to see my son.
No! No!
They're not gonna call.
It means she's dead, doesn't it?
Some kids.
Jeannie? Jeannie? Jeannie?
Here! She's out here!
- Rachel Levinson was one of the kidnappers.
- Rachel?
She's involved with a group of religious
fanatics. They want to rebuild...
- But that's impossible.
- No, Daniel.
No, Daniel, they're right.
I heard her voice.
- What have they done with our baby?
- We don't know yet.
We do know they're preparing themselves
for the return of the Messiah, at the year 2000.
- The millennium.
- Yeah.
Wait. I don't understand.
They want to keep our baby?
Why can't you find them?
Why are you people just standing here,
asking us questions?
Just like that other guy.
There was another guy here
asking questions, from the, uh...
Millennium something.
He's with your people, right?
I know it's hard.
But the more you tell us,
the better our chances are of finding him.
I want to see the babies
in the nursery here.
You say around 12.15?
Somewhere around there.
Stop it there.
Thank you.
I can see what's real now.
His little face, crying.
That wasn't a dream.
That was real.
Just get him back.
- Jeannie, let's go back now.
- OK.
Peter Watts was here.
Why would he kidnap a child?
Wait a minute.
I wouldn'tjump to that conclusion.
We've got Millennium Group symbols all over
the place, and Peter Watts sneaking around.
What conclusion would you jump to?
I never had reason to doubt
your commitment before, Rachel.
- You still don't.
- Who else could have let her go?
- I didn't. Too much was at stake.
- You spoke to her with kindness.
I thought in time she'd join us,
for the child's sake.
Where is your vestment, Rachel?
It was soaked at the delivery.
- Bring it to me.
- But why? It has to be cleaned.
Bring it to me.
It's not here.
The robe.
The robe.
That's impossible.
It's impossible.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I've been trying to trace
the mineral water on Jeannie's robe.
- Any luck?
- Not on that. But I did find something else.
The fingerprint? Artificial skin,
developed in Israel for burn victims.
The kidnappers graft it on,
and no more fingerprints ever.
Good. It fits.
Leaders of this Temple group
are all radical activists.
- They feel they're running out of time.
- Think it's them?
Well, they've never done
anything like this before.
Wait, wait, stop.
On the shoulder there.
Can you enlarge that?
All three.
Moses Gourevitch.
Born in New York, hero of the Six Day War.
In the Temple movement for 30
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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