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all my fault.
I did what they asked.
What who asked, Lily?
You took her away.
Lily! Lily!
Lily! Lily. Lily.
Stop this car. Stop it. Natalie!
Natalie. Natalie.
Lily, stop the car. Lily, stop!
Scientists had been
labouring for years. And then this.
The first atomic explosion. For better or
worse, they'd exceeded their expectations.
Dr Alexander was affected by this.
He wondered how good men, good minds,
had created something so obviously evil.
The question obsessed him,
haunted him.
He started doing experiments with plutonium,
trying to split off the evil he felt inside him.
So he was a nut.
No, he wanted to do with himself
what he had done to the atom - split it in half.
- He split off Kroll.
- What does that mean? "Split off'?
Kroll and Alexander were the same person.
But Kroll committed the murder.
- That's some theory.
- It's not a theory.
This is Alexander's last will
and testament.
A doll?
It's a letter to his daughter,
trying to explain his mistakes.
Warning her not to take
the same path he'd taken.
"It must end. "
Lanyard committed suicide
before he could give her that.
So, where's the girl now?
Lily's not saying.
Not a clue.
Lanyard was thinking about the girl
when he pulled the trigger.
Remembering something about
a promise he failed to keep.
This is what he was watching
before he died.
Hey, Baby Face Nelson,
Take the boy out of the Bureau, huh?
Critics say this woman
has a secret laboratory in Mexico.
Growing organs? Or playing God?
- This research is illegal in the States.
- It's legal here,
Who's funding it?
Not the US government.
They say you're creating monsters.
You're not suggesting that's her?
How would the old guy recognise her?
The last time he saw her,
she was four years old.
After all these years,
this is what he saw.
He tried to contact her.
I know how to reach her.
I'm glad you finally called.
We've got a lot to talk about.
- No, just one thing.
- OK.
- The Group's been all over this.
- No, not the Group.
Some version of it. That's what
scared Lanyard off in 1945, isn't it?
- Did they threaten him?
- They asked him to join.
To make him complicitous
in what happened to the little girl.
I know what that invitation means.
- She does secret biological research now.
- Not that secret. Everybody seems to know.
She grew up to make
the same mistake her father did.
- You call it a mistake.
- He did.
It's the same mistake he prayed
she'd never make. Playing God.
Without divine wisdom.
Her father's experiments
weren't a total failure, Frank.
They opened up some... possibilities.
To deal with an evil that can consume us.
His tools were deficient, not his intent.
Group propaganda.
Fathers and daughters.
She has his gift.
Does she even know what her father did?
She never had a choice.
That's why Lanyard was so horrified
when he found out what Natalie had become.
There were other avenues
to her than the Group.
It's from her father.
He gave his life trying to tell her that.
Lanyard did, too.
You want me to deliver it?
Unless you're afraid of the truth.
He's in a meeting.
You can't go in there.
I'm sorry, sir.
What's she doing here?
- Clarifying some of the events you described.
- Is she why you rejected my report?
We felt the nature
of Dr Alexander's experiments
should be kept inside a small group.
Where's Natalie? She's four years old.
What did you do with her?
- She'll be well taken care of.
- By whom? Her?
No. Lily has other tasks facing her.
She just accepted an offer
to join our group.
And I'm hoping you'll do the same.
What group?
What are you talking about?
He's saying there's a bigger picture.
Director Hoover, sir.
There are things the FBI cannot do.
The group can.
With all due respect, sir,
I joined the Bureau to uphold the law.
So did we all.
Then why did you
remove pages from my report?
Bigger picture, Agent Lanyard.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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