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You checked your name
and became a number.
People lived and died
and were born with no names.
They gave you your name back after the war.
Kroll wouldn't have.
Anonymous death certificates from 1945.
All the names are filled in except that one.
Do you think that's Kroll?
Still keeping the world
from tipping off its axis?
Michael Lanyard killed himself.
Were you coming to tell me?
- No. I don't think so.
- I didn't come here to argue.
What, then? To warn me?
It's very dangerous, Lily, what you do.
Who you talk to.
Maybe if you talked more to Frank Black,
he'd still be in the Group.
I'm workin' on that.
Too slowly.
50 years ago, with the future of the world
in the balance, we were five steps ahead.
Now the Group only looks back.
On 50 years of peace.
They are gone. Don't you understand?
I don't appreciate this.
We have taken care of you. I have.
- You've shut me up.
- This is a very important time right now.
For all of us.
Have you forgotten
what the Group could be?
You, of all people.
You might wanna brace yourself.
State of decay is hard to predict.
- You gotta remember this is wartime.
- The Second World War. I've heard of it.
What I'm sayin' is, a pine box is all you got.
It wasn't unknown to wrap 'em in a blanket.
- Unless this Kroll guy was a big deal.
- Suspect. Suspect in a murder investigation.
- Hey, we hit somethin'!
- Hold it!
It's lead.
God, that's hot.
Kept the microbes at bay, though.
You ever seen
one so well preserved?
Convulsive body posture
is consistent with radiation poisoning.
Obviously on a disastrous scale.
Could you turn him
so we can see the face, please?
That's Dr Alexander.
What happened to whatshisname?
According to military records, no scientist
died at Los Alamos after the murder.
It's definitely him,
Why would the military
bury Alexander as a John Doe?
- Maybe the military didn't.
- Well, who then? The FBI?
Millennium Group?
All I know is he never left Los Alamos.
Where's the daughter?
What happened to the daughter?
She must be in Russia.
Her father defected, you know.
He died in Los Alamos
and was buried there.
- You found him.
- Dead of massive radiation poisoning.
Face, arms, hands.
It wasn't an accident, was it?
July 16, 1945.
The Trinity test.
The first atomic explosion.
It wasn't until then that the scientists
actually realised what they had done.
Some, like Edward Teller and Carew,
they were overjoyed.
They immediately began
imagining bigger bombs.
And Dr Alexander?
Maybe because he had a child...
he understood better than the others
just what they had done.
What had they done?
They took the Apocalypse
out of God's hands and put it in their own.
They created the end of the world.
In our minds.
They even put that terrifying clock
on the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists,
The countdown. Four minutes to midnight.
Two minutes to midnight.
Ticktock, ticktock.
The one advantage, being my age,
is that I knew what it was like
before this thing was hanging over us.
So did Michael Lanyard.
He lived with it for 50 years.
That's not why he killed himself.
"It must end. "
His last words. The same words written
in blood at the murder scene in 1945.
Why did Lanyard write those words
on the picture of the little girl?
- I wouldn't know.
- You owe...
I don't owe you anything!
You owe him.
You owe Michael Lanyard.
He didn't leave Los Alamos.
He was ordered off the base,
but he stayed.
Because I asked him to.
Because he was concerned
about Natalie.
For her safety.
And because he was
an honourable man.
He's here. Kroll.
It must end!
Go. Get outta here.
Go. Now!
Take it to my daughter.
I've written...
pages inside.
Get it to her, so she'll know.
Know what?
We made a horrible...
Torn apart what must be whole.
Promise me.
Of course.
Promise me you'll keep her safe.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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