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Lanyard was just leaving.
I knew
General Groves in prep school.
He was a bully then,
and he's a bully now.
- I trust you didn't tell him?
- No, sir,
Two days before the murder, Warren Kroll
was arrested in Santa Fe for assault.
- So what's he say?
- I haven't talked to him, sir, He's just a name,
Alexander's nanny, um... Lily Unser,
posted bail for Kroll.
But I found out that she withdrew
$2,000 out of Alexander's account,
- It just reeks of blackmail or espionage,
- Espionage?
I have to wonder about this nanny. How many
domestics withdraw their employer's dough?
You're doing a fine job, Agent Lanyard.
Keep at it. Go get this Kroll.
But don't overreach yourself.
Believe me, we know who the spies are.
Something else. A little girl's involved,
Alexander's daughter...
The reportjust ends. No solution to the case.
No conclusions drawn.
Maybe Lanyard was just sloppy.
No. His other cases
were detailed, meticulous.
Then he turns this one in
half-completed, and resigns.
This has to mean something.
May he rest in peace. Amen.
What are you doin' here, Agent Hollis?
Investigating a death. You?
- Paying my respects to an old friend.
- Really?
You only visited once the whole time
he was in the retirement home.
And he killed himself the very next day.
- Frank says the death is tied to the Group.
- Frank says everything is tied to the Group.
We found this on his last report.
- He was a Group member, wasn't he?
- He was nothing more than a good FBI agent.
- What's the connection? The Group, the FBI?
- A lot of us are former agents.
There's more to it, though, isn't there?
You said once we'd talk.
What we have here, Agent Hollis,
is a very lonely old man.
Why don't you leave it at that?
A scientist Lanyard interviewed
in Los Alamos, his last case, a Dr Alexander.
What happened to him?
He's supposed to have defected to Russia
with enough plutonium to make two bombs.
You can look it up.
Watts was right. According to this,
Alexander defected to Russia.
He's not mentioned
in the Venona documents.
- The Russians say he wasn't theirs.
- He made requests for fissionable materials.
He was a theoretical physicist.
What did he need it for?
I don't know. But this last batch
was never accounted for.
- Do you think he passed it to Kroll?
- I don't even know who Kroll is.
He wasn't on any military list, and he wasn't
at Los Alamos in any official capacity.
- It's as if he never even existed.
- No plutonium. No Kroll.
No case.
Autopsy report on Lanyard. Poor bastard
killed himself, like I thought. Case closed.
- There's more to it.
- Good luck, because Lanyard's not talking.
Lily Unser.
She bailed Warren Kroll out ofjail
in Santa Fe using Alexander's bank account.
Like Lanyard said,
kind of a cosy relationship for a nanny.
It's still suicide, Hollis.
- That's a lot of information on a nanny.
- Maybe she was more than just a nanny.
She's listed here
as his assistant in Los Alamos.
Now it looks like she's in the nut file.
Writes to the president.
The president needs advice.
Now more than ever.
Ms Unser,
we're interested in Warren Kroll.
It's important. Warren Kroll,
the man you bailed out of jail in Santa Fe.
While you were working
for Dr Alexander.
That was a very long time ago.
Kroll was a suspect in a murder
being investigated by an FBI agent.
A Michael Lanyard.
Do you remember Mr Lanyard?
Very handsome man.
He killed himself last week.
Oh, God.
We believe his death is connected with
a murder he was investigating in 1945.
Prime suspect was Warren Kroll.
- Do you know where he went?
- He didn't go anywhere.
How do you know?
Warren Kroll is dead.
The dotty old woman was an act.
When she heard Lanyard died, she was clear.
She confirmed that Kroll existed.
She said he died,
that he didn't go anywhere.
- He's buried at Los Alamos.
- Not under his name. I already checked that.
Los Alamos was filled with nameless


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