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expecting you.
This is the body of Dr Daniel Carew,
found in New Mexico two days ago.
Dr Carew was a physicist engaged in an
experiment critical to victory in this war.
- What sort of an experiment, sir?
- I can only tell you
we can't afford to lose another scientist.
"It must end. "
This isn'tjust a murder, Agent Lanyard.
We're counting on you to be our eyes and
ears, to do the right thing. You understand?
Yes, I think I do, sir.
You'll fly by military transport
to Santa Fe.
A car will be waiting for you there.
President Truman, Director Hoover
and I are all confident
you can bring this matter
to a swift and confidential conclusion.
Who's my contact
at the New Mexico field office?
No. No, no.
My card.
With my private number.
Report only to me.
Are you gonna dance to that
or bag it as evidence?
"Till Then". The Mills Brothers.
Ever heard of 'em?
Let's wrap this up.
The guy obviously offed himself.
What is with the attitude?
The guy was an agent.
50 years ago. That's reason to be here? A lot
of old agents wound up eatin' their own guns.
Ness. Melvin Purvis,
the guy who got Dillinger.
Hey, take a look at this.
Private number.
- Clyde Tolson?
- Hoover's boyfriend.
- Vicious rumours, Hollis. Never proven.
- I saw a picture of them at Mardi Gras once.
It was proof enough for me.
You wanna at least check out
that guest register from the front desk?
We are wasting our time here, Hollis.
They said he had no family.
No friends.
I don't know about friends,
but take a look at this.
Just yesterday.
Peter Watts.
It was a ritualistic suicide.
Period music, clothing.
Personal mementos.
FBI issue weapon.
They make you return your weapon when you
leave the Bureau now. Obviously a good idea.
Do you have any idea who this girl is?
There's photographs, all ancient.
We're not gonna track everybody down.
This may be an old photograph,
but this could have been written yesterday.
"It must end. " The guy killed himself.
It's a suicide note.
Be honest. What really interests you is Peter
Watts' name in the guest register, right?
- The rest of this stuff...
- Agent Lanyard's case files.
Guy had a short,
chequered career until...
He was sent to Los Alamos
by Clyde Tolson himself.
It's Agent Lanyard's last case, He goes to Los
Alamos, investigates the murder of a scientist
and then resigns from the Bureau the second
he gets back, Does that make sense?
Slowly roll down your window.
State your name.
Lanyard. FBI.
I'm expected.
Welcome to Los Alamos.
Let me make this clear.
You will not interfere with the scientists.
You will not ask them about the project,
or mention the Gadget.
You will refer to them by badge numbers,
not ask their names or backgrounds.
I already have their names
and their backgrounds.
And authorisation running up to President
Truman to investigate as I see fit.
I'll be starting with Dr Alexander, badge
number 633, the man who found the body.
And I won't be needing an escort.
These guys are all half-crazy,
but Alexander takes the cake.
Have yourself a nice chat.
Dr Alexander?
Hello? Anybody home?
"Warren Kroll. "
Some gadget, huh?
My first G-man.
Aside from the ones
who tap my phone and read my mail.
Agent Lanyard.
I'm looking into the death of Dr Carew.
Am I a suspect?
Is that why you're ransacking my office?
- I understand you found the body.
- I did.
Then you know his bones were broken.
Notjust fractured, but shattered.
- This isn't necessary.
- Whoever did this is capable of violence, evil.
We're all capable, Mr Lanyard.
Each of us, to a man.
We must be,
or we couldn't have created this.
Who's Warren Kroll, Doctor?
- Papa. Papa.
- Oh.
Agent Lanyard, allow me to introduce
a real secret weapon. Lily Unser.
- She helps me with everything.
- Ma'am.
my daughter Natalie.
I'm sorry. I didn't know you had company.
She wanted a book before bed.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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