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I have the evidence, unlike you, to disabuse
you of your uppity notions to the contrary.
- You promised this would all be on the qt.
- Excuse me?
I could get in big trouble
letting you see those files.
- No one's gonna know I've been here.
- There's someone on the phone who knows.
I'm very sorry. Frank Black.
- Frank, you're there.
- Emma,
I've found something.
Something you're not gonna believe.
- Frank...
- What Lucy Butler's up to.
- Frank, listen to me.
- You listen to me, I've found birth records.
Footprints from Saxum's little girl.
A perfect match.
- To what?
- Lucy Butler's dead child.
- I'm on my way. I wanna confront her.
- She's not here.
- What are you talking about?
- We were forced to let her go,
Forced? By who?
Her lawyer, who's got something
you're not gonna believe.
- What?
- A rape kit on Lucy Butler,
- And a request for a paternity test.
- From who? John Saxum?
No, Frank. From you.
Ah. The suspect, no doubt.
- Who's pushing this BS? You?
- Violent temper and all.
- Stay calm.
- He's Lucy Butler's lawyer.
- You represent the devil.
- He's like a wild animal.
If she kills again,
the blood'll be on your hands.
Ironically, it's your hands
we're most concerned with, Mr Black.
No. Those aren't mine.
That's not from me. I never touched her.
Oh, you not only touched her.
You impregnated her in a motel room.
- What are you saying?
- Will you take the test? Or your rights?
He'll take the test.
I'll make sure you get everything you need.
Now, can we have a little bit of room here?
Make room for Daddy.
Sit down, Frank.
- She's out there, Andy.
- This isn't about your case. This is about you.
It's about a woman
whose dead child's footprints
match those of the child
that she's entrusted to take care of.
That's as believable as you being a rapist.
- I'm telling you.
- I am telling you,
Just take their test,
clear this thing up and get outta here.
You're off this case.
Start making calls.
Tell them I'm going out of pocket on this.
The press conference will be rescheduled.
I don't know, but I gotta get out of this house.
Let's go, honey!
I'm getting in the car! Let's go!
- Where are we going?
- What are you doing here?
Now, what kind of question is that?
- Divina?
- No, no! I don't wanna go!
No, no! I don't wanna go!
Can we talk about this?
I don't wanna go!
No! No! I don't wanna go!
You can scream all you want, but
I'm your father, and you're coming with me.
You're coming with me!
How you doin', Frank?
Did they get what they wanted?
I'm gonna let you drive yourself to the airport.
I'm fairly certain I can trust you.
The detective wants me. Hollis is trying
to convince him you're on to something.
- What do you mean?
- The connections you made. "Antipas. "
She put on a show and tell for us.
Seems to make some kind of cockeyed sense.
- Where is Hollis now?
- The house where the woman was murdered.
- She went back out there?
- Yeah.
Are you all right?
Can you open this?
Hey! Stop!
- What did you come looking for?
- Frank?
What I gave the bitch?
You want it, too?
- No! Stay away from me.
- Hollis. Hollis.
Hollis. It's me.
We gotta get outta here. Come on.
It's locked.
It's OK. We're gonna get outta here.
Close your eyes, sweetheart.
Call 911.
- Frank, I think she's...
- She's not. She never will be.
I was hoping you'd come see me.
- We lost the baby, Frank.
- It wasn't ours. It wasn't mine.
You came to me, Frank.
All men come to me, in time.
The fruit of our union populates
the earth.
We could rule the world, Frank.
Where's my Divina?!
She's far away.
She's safe from you.
You think?
You can corrupt men.
But you cannot corrupt innocence.
Is that what you came here to tell me?
Fear is what you want in us.
I came here to tell you I'm not afraid.
Your daughter?
You're not afraid?
For her?
I made this!Nervous?
You can tell?
You can go in now.
Mr Tolson's
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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