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wish I were your mommy.
What if I told you I were?
Get outta here now! Get!
You take my case.
You take my files, my hard work,
and I find you working on something else?
- You don't want this case.
- No. I want my case.
This is your case, Agent Hollis.
Antipas Gardens, Madison, Wisconsin...
A dog attack?
Antipas. An anagram from
the phone book at your crime scene.
The word "saint" was handwritten
over the abbreviation "PA".
Antipas. It's a biblical reference.
An allusion to Satan
from the Book of Revelation.
Put there by whom?
My perpetrator's a male.
Frank, come on.
Leave it alone, Agent Hollis.
Let it go. It's all right.
We ask the Lord to make the poor man well
and give him relief from his pain and injuries,
and we ask him to give us help and mercy,
and to watch over him in the hospital. Amen.
Are you gonna be all right tonight,
She's a big girl. Aren't you?
You sleep tight, now.
What are you doing?
Are you scared?
You want Mommy
to sleep in your bed with you tonight?
OK. Come on.
Pardon me for coming so unannounced,
Mr Saxum. I just felt it was right.
I got a call from the gate.
They said you were FBI.
My name's Frank Black. I do some consulting
for the Bureau. I know you're a busy man.
- Is this about the gardener?
- In a manner of speaking.
Who is it, John?
Frank Black. I'm here about Lucy Butler.
She's in your employ?
Yes, that's right.
- May I come in?
- Please, of course.
Thank you.
- What a beautiful house.
- Thank you.
I don't understand
the need for secrecy, Mr Black.
I'm here to help you understand.
I'm quite sure you'll thank me.
Have we employed some
kind of criminal?
- Not some kind. The worst kind.
- What on earth do you mean?
I know Lucy Butler. I had her investigated
for the death of a Seattle police detective.
- And for the murder of her own child.
- The murder?
I have a staff that
checks these things thoroughly.
If she had any record,
she wouldn't have been hired.
- She wouldn't have been considered.
- Her record was somehow expunged.
- There is no "somehow" with those charges.
- You don't know what she is.
She's a nanny, for God's sake. A damn good
one. Who put you up to this? Who sent you?
- I'm on an investigation.
- Of who? For what?
A murder. In Pittsburgh.
Mr Black, a man has enemies, no matter
if he wants them. It's the nature of politics.
I find your visit here rather curious,
and your story as well.
- I didn't come here to frighten you.
- Lucy is a godsend.
Our child has never been better, and
we have Lucy to thank. My wife will agree.
- Our child was quite ill before...
- Will you let him speak?
I am not the only person
that's harboured suspicions, Mr Saxum.
Your gardener
gave a statement about his attack.
He was attacked by vicious dogs
that got onto the property.
I went down to the hospital before I came
here. I wanted to clear that up for myself.
- I never got a chance to talk to the man.
- Oh, my God.
I'll thank you to leave
and never come back.
And I'll thank you not to
test our intelligence or credulity
with your ridiculous
fabrications of truth and fictions.
I'm gonna have you investigated,
Mr Black.
I'd welcome it.
Hello, Mr Black.
This is really such a surprise to see you.
It isn't, Lucy.
You know that. You asked me here.
You did everything but send me
a personal invitation.
"Antipas. " An anagram.
"Saint PA."
Did you just watch the murder, Lucy?
Or did you do it yourself?
The suspect that you speak of
is a male homosexual.
How would you know that?
You go on inside, OK? And tell
your mommy and daddy not to worry.
They know enough to worry.
At least the mother does.
She's very jealous of me.
He likes me, you know. John.
- You have him fooled.
- He wants me. And she knows it.
- He wants me, like all men do.
- Leave these people be.
- I work for them.
- That's not your little girl.
- She is mine, Frank.
- Leave her alone!
I don't
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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