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that what this is about?
- No. It's about Divina. It's about our daughter.
We wanted this. You and me.
It's all we worked for, all the countless
social events, the good deeds.
I need help with her, John.
I need a husband and she needs a father.
I'm a good father, Una.
And a good husband.
Where is she? Where's Divina?
- Where is she? Oh, my God. She's over there.
- Where?
Sweetheart, you scared us.
Why didn't you answer Mommy?
- We scared her with our arguing.
- She's just playing a game.
- She's just playing hide-and-seek.
- She's gonna get sick again.
She's got her warm coat on.
Look, I know where she's gone.
Come on out now!
You've scared your mommy.
Sweetie? It's OK.
Where are you, honey?
- Divina?
- Divina?
Answer your mommy!
- Divina?
- Divina?
- Divina!
- Divina! Divina?
- Divina! Divina!
- Divina!
You scared us.
- You frightened Mommy and Daddy.
- You shouldn't be frightened.
How did you get here? Past us.
I heard you calling her.
She knows the maze well.
Maybe you should let me teach you, too.
I've had this case six weeks.
I've got no suspects.
I can't seem to even get any traction.
The victim you see is a 39-year-old
federal prosecutor named Robert Ferry.
He died as you see him
in this motel room in Pittsburgh,
the result of three knife wounds
to the chest and stomach.
Ferry checked into the motel
at 6.30 in the evening.
He had gone out, returned about midnight.
Time of death was 1.45am, thereabouts.
- Gay?
- Yes. But not openly.
A long-haired male was seen
loitering in the area.
- Evidence of body fluids?
- Where the sun don't shine.
The victim's wallet was not taken, nor was
500 cash, nor 300 in traveller's cheques.
The word on the phone book - "saint" -
what was that written with?
The victim's personal pen.
So far I don't know its importance.
It was returned to the victim's pants pocket.
His car and house were left alone.
The weapon was removed.
Nothing else was disturbed.
There was, however, something left at the
scene, in the toilet, in the bathroom. Urine.
Was the seat left up or down?
The specimen I collected
had chorionic gonadotrophins.
It was a woman.
A pregnant woman.
Most likely someone who knew
the victim,
maybe who visited him in his room
prior to the commission of the crime.
If we can identify her, she may have
information that could lead us to our perp.
- What's going on?
- That was good work in there today.
- I'm dead in the water, sir.
- No, no, no.
It's good, solid investigative work.
Impressed the hell out of Frank.
I am going to transfer you off the case,
Agent Hollis.
Off the case?
- Frank has requested all your data and files.
- Why? Does he know something?
- Apparently he does.
- And I can't work with him?
Your files, Agent Hollis.
I think I've got things squared away
somewhat more than I did previously here.
My little girl really has taken a turn.
A complete turnaround in her health.
It's miraculous, really.
An omen, I'd say.
Get everyone together tomorrow.
I want to make all the preparations...
Excuse me, sir.
I didn't mean to startle you.
Sorry. No. What is it?
You asked me to have a suit pressed, and
the shirt that goes with it is missing a button.
I see the shirt that you're wearing
is a match for that shirt.
- I was wondering if it had a spare.
- Can it wait?
- I don't know where I'll get another button.
- OK.
Can you hold on, Carl?
I'm being frisked for a button.
Please watch Divina.
She's out back.
Now, Miss Butler.
Yes, ma'am.
- What? What is it?
- What's going on here?
Nothing's going on.
Lucy was getting a button off my shirt.
It looked as if there was
something... inappropriate.
Your mommy's mad at your daddy
cos she thinks he's been bad.
Just because your daddy likes me. Cos
I don't quarrel with him like your mommy.
I bet you
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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