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in stores, atjunctions.
National Guard protecting the hospitals.
And then itjust went away.
It vectored out, they said.
At most it took about 80 people.
Bad enough, but not the end of the world
like some people thought.
Strange he left town.
It's almost as if Frank
had some kind of warning.
Didn't do him a lot of good.
A lot of people had taken to the mountains,
trying to escape the panic in the city,
But either the virus was already in them,
or it followed them,
Frank had come up here too,
to a cabin he had,
It's where we found Jordan,
Or she found us,
She told us where we could find Frank,
When we got to him, he was
in a terrible state, refusing to speak,
I found out later he blamed the outbreak,
Catherine's death, the whole thing...
He blamed it on the Millennium Group,
I think he blamed it on himself,
If he's out in the woods, he won't survive.
It's freezing.
He was sent a tape.
Just like the others.
Where is he?
He went to find his wife.
I could've saved you,
I didn't protect... I had a choice,
- Will we always be together?
- I love you.
- Catherine.
- Shh.
- Am I dead?
- Shh. You're hurt.
I wanna be with you. I want...
Every day I wanna be with you.
Oh, Frank, don't.
And then I look at Jordan.
I look at our daughter's face.
And day after day
she looks more and more like you.
I can't let go.
You have to protect her.
I didn't protect you.
There was nothing
you could have done.
They wanted me to join the Group,
and then you'd be saved.
Peter Watts's family is alive.
His daughters have a mother.
They set the table,
and she sits down to eat with them.
You know that Jordan
sets an empty place every night?
Every night she sets an empty place,
and I can't... I'll never ask her to stop.
Believe in them,
and you'll be saved.
You chose me, not them.
Then I lost you.
Jordan lost her mother.
You would be alive.
- To live what kind of life?
- What?
They had already taken
too much of you.
But we beat them.
All of their predictions
and their mysteries and their power.
You chose me.
We chose each other.
I let you die.
You walked away alone to die.
You don't remember very well.
You were with me,
When everything had fallen apart,
you stayed with me,
We were together,
I love you.
Don't go.
Don't go, Catherine.
Oh, my God. Frank!
Oh, dear Lord.
No. He's warm.
He's alive. Feel.
Oh, Frank, it's gonna be OK.
Hang in there, OK? Hang in there.
Frank. Frank,
I've got something for you.
Victor Chyren - the name
on the internal envelope.
It's in Nostradamus.
Yeah. Century VI. Quatrain 70.
You knew?
Extension 670.
Well, listen to this.
"Chyren. The Chief of the World. "
"The Great Chyren,
with the sole title 'Victor'."
At the end of the world.
It's a prophecy.
- It's the Millennium Group again.
- Is Alice part of it?
No. She has great power.
They will either appropriate it or destroy it.
The Group sent you the tape.
What were they trying to do? Kill you?
You know that list that you found
in the studio? The list of names?
Geibelhouse called.
He checked it all out.
No more deaths.
Now, I don't know what their intentions were.
But I know what happened.
They gave me my wife back.
I made this!It's chillier than I thought. Maybe
she shouldn't go out. She's just over a cold.
Just a quick walk in the garden
before the rain starts back up.
Are you ready, kiddo?
You got your grizzly bear on.
Let's go, then.
She has four new cavities
since her last checkup.
The dentist says there's nothing to be done.
She was just born with bad teeth.
I know you don't like to hear this...
My brother had health problems.
He grew up biggest of us all.
She's below the acceptable percentile
on every chart.
Aren't we doing all we can?
I know they want you
to announce your candidacy, John.
But... I don't know if I can handle it.
I'm not ready to be the governor's wife.
- Is
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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