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no" for an answer.
But tell me to leave and I will.
Just take what you need.
Be out within the hour.
We're moving everybody.
We know who you are, Mary.
We know all about you
and your loss.
And I know that two days ago
you lost a daughter.
This is a picture of my wife.
She died too.
In a viral outbreak in the
Pacific Northwest.
You know about that
and I need to know what.
I need to know what, Mary,
for my little daughter.
I need to know who killed
her mommy.
- It wasn't meant for her.
- Who was it meant for?
For me.
And my sisters.
And the children.
Who would do that?
Who would kill the children?
Doesn't matter.
There's only one left.
Only one child.
Where is she?
She can't save herself.
We can save her.
Help me.
- Do you want to take them here?
- Wait for a safe spot.
- What the hell were they doing?
- Cables, chains, anything you got in there.
Just don't move.
Don't move.
I'm going to get you out.
No! Don't touch her. Don't!
It's OK. We're just going to help you,
that's all. Emma, Emma!
What are you doing?
Oh, God.
There's nothing to see.
She was so scared.
I know.
I made this!Oh, God.
Mother and daughter again.
- What is this?
- Stay with the bodies.
She's the woman from the house explosion.
Head injury.
BP, 180 over 100 and rising.
Heart rate, 50. Dropping.
50 Lastex. 50 mannitol. IV push.
- What's going on?
- Sir, I need you outta here. Now.
FBI. She's in my custody.
Stop the infusion.
You! Grab her legs.
100 phenobarb. Now.
It's working.
Blood pressure's coming down.
She's settling out.
What the hell just happened?
Ancient Greeks had oracles, a band of
women blessed with the gift of future sight,
But, given the sublime possibility
to know what tomorrow might bring,
all the Greeks could think of to ask these
seers was, "What are our enemies up to?"
"How can we wage war?"
"What secret weapon can we use
to control the future?"
OK. Listen up, people.
Contrary to our initial announcement,
there is now little doubt that flight 760
was brought down by a previously unknown
group, and not a lone flight attendant.
We'll make a new announcement when and if
we get a handle on who these people are.
In the meantime, no leaks.
Is that clear?
We're moving into very strange territory
with this group.
So far, all the members
appear to be relatives, maybe sisters.
And their daughters.
The two women on the plane, the woman
hospitalised in the house explosion,
and the woman who died in the car crash,
all of them were with young girls.
Their daughters. Mary, the woman
in the hospital, is the key here,
- and I'd like authorisation to return there.
- You didn't have it in the first place. Slide.
As Agent Hollis has suggested, the scope
of this case has expanded considerably.
The two women responsible
for the plane crash
were in recent contact with the woman now
hospitalised due to a gas explosion at home.
At the site of that explosion, we discovered
disturbing evidence of this group's interest
in the viral outbreak that claimed the lives
of 70 people in the Northwest last spring.
They stole these Level 4 containment caskets
from the CDC before the outbreak,
meaning this group is most likely
responsible for that event as well.
They're not who you think.
They're not terrorists.
Terrorism is being rained upon them.
It was not an accidental gas explosion.
It was an attack. And the woman
in the hospital, the lone survivor, alerted us.
Could you please put up the slide
of the bridge?
Her sister was forced off the road.
And a car parked
at the end of that bridge
drove off after witnessing the death
of another mother and a daughter.
Now, the plane, the house, the car -
they're all an endgame.
A deliberate annihilation of these people.
We should be asking ourselves, "Why?"
Agent Hollis, did you see this mystery car do
anything? Cos I didn't read it in your report.
They're not
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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