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- I think so.
OK. No joy on prints, DNA.
Cassette: Standard issue,
several million sold every year.
Paper from Portland,
sells everywhere in the Northwest.
Handwriting: Psych analysis
from Quantico says our guy's a woman.
- But no clue to identity.
- Then it's the mailboxes.
Have you ever seen Frank Black
walk away from an investigation before?
This was a dead case. He came here,
he got it opened up, and then he leaves?
Does that make sense?
- I think he was scared of something.
- Something like what?
Just before he left Seattle,
his wife died in the viral outbreak.
But even before that,
things were falling apart. I mean...
To this day I still don't understand
why they left each other.
They separated?
Catherine was his centre.
He's never been the same.
There was somebody who worked
with Frank here, in the Millennium Group.
- Peter Watts.
- Yeah. He was in Seattle during the outbreak.
He survived the virus.
His whole family did.
So did Frank, so did Jordan.
But not Catherine.
Can you imagine the guilt he must feel?
During the Black Plague,
people used to take their families
to the mountains or forest,
away from the population,
- Can we go home now?
- We'll be here for a while,
- OK,
- Come on, sweetie,
- Mommy, I'll be right outside.
- OK, sweetie. Our new yellow house.
- Hold it right there! Seattle PD!
- What are you doing, man?
Come on! That's my bag!
- What's this about, man?
- These yours? Whose are they?
- The company I work for.
- What's this company do?
It records stuff. You know, nature,
waves and crap. Put babies to sleep.
- Do you recognise the writing?
- Yeah. Yeah, that's Alice.
Alice Severin,
is this your handwriting?
- Do you know this man?
- I don't believe so.
You wrote to him.
- Did I write to him?
- You sent him a cassette.
- What was on it?
- Nothing. White noise.
- Is that a crime?
- Take a good look at those photos.
He died. He threw himself off
a six-storey building.
She died. She reversed
her little car straight into a truck.
They were both listening to your tapes.
What did you do to them?
What was on those tapes?
- You said there was nothing.
- There was white noise.
You said white noise was nothing.
- Why send them nothing?
- Perhaps I was mistaken.
I thought it was whale music.
Did you know that whales can talk
to each other over thousands of miles?
We don't hear very well, do we?
They died horrible deaths.
Hallucinating. Like the tapes
triggered a connection to their past.
Our pasts are what we are.
Every choice has its consequence.
- St Peter's gate.
- Everybody comes to Peter's gate.
Not everybody goes through.
Who judges them?
We do.
Agent Hollis.
They found this in her room.
Looks like a private mailing list.
There's hundreds of addresses.
We'll check 'em,
but this one we already know.
It's where Frank used to live.
We've gotta call Frank.
He checked out of the hotel this morning,
but he's not home. He never arrived home.
I know where he's gone.
The early symptoms a victim may not
recognise are a sense of disorientation...
Monitor any increase in body temperature
or disorientation, Secondary symptoms...
Can we turn it off?
If you both became sick, I wouldn't...
I wouldn't want to live after that.
I can't get sick.
It was done to me and I didn't ask for it,
The Group gave me a vaccine,
They told me that they
only had enough for their members,
By the time the plague hit the news,
Frank had gone.
We called his house.
There was no answer.
I went around but the place was empty.
Catherine and Jordan had gone too.
- By that time, things were getting pretty wild.
- I remember the reports.
Yeah, right. The reports.
The way the media took it up,
you would've thought it was the Black
Plague, everybody dropping dead like flies.
And the fuss was self-fulfilling.
Roads jammed.
People shooting at each
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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