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which we are about to receive
from thy bounty,
And thank you, Lord, for Taylor,
whom you returned to us safe and sound
in answer to our prayers,
In these troubled times,
please show us the way.
And forgive us...
our many trespasses.
It's true, isn't it?
What that man said.
I made this!Will we always be together?
I could've saved you,
I didn't protect... I had a choice,
Will we always be together?
I love you,
I love you.
- We have no one by that name, sir,
- Chyren. C-h-y-r-e-n.
Extension 670.
We have no listing for that name,
and that extension has not been issued,
What about outside Quantico?
We have no listing,
Can I help you with anything else, sir?
- Doug?
- Hey, Mr Black.
- Do you know this man? Chyren?
- Never heard of him. Why?
- Do you know what this is?
- White noise. Seattle PD sent it to us.
Geibelhouse found it at a crime scene.
Thought it might have some bearing.
- Did it?
- We ran every test we could. Nothing.
Can you play it for me?
I love you,
- 20 seconds of white noise. Nothing.
- I thought white noise was everything.
It's every sound in the audio spectrum
at the same level.
But in terms of useful sound,
everything is nothing.
Run it again for me, will you?
Do you hear anything?
What was that?
Its wave pattern looks like...
- technically like a section of pink noise.
- Pink noise?
The stage between white and brown noise.
More ordered than white, less than brown.
Then this is not an accident.
Someone made it.
Sure looks that way,
but I don't think it's any big...
Did you send this to me?
- Getting paranoid, are we?
- Did you send this to me, Doug?
No, man, I didn't. Why would I?
Hey, how'd you get it, anyway?
I thought I sent it back to the Seattle PD.
Mr Black?
Three weeks ago last Tuesday.
Her name was Carol Wheatley.
Going to visit her mom
for the weekend.
She got hit side-on
in the wrong lane by a big rig.
Totalled. We were picking bits of her
out of the wreck for half a day.
- Did she fall asleep?
- We looked at that.
But the driver swore
that when he first saw her
she was on her side of the road,
outside the car.
Then she ran back to the car, got in,
and just reversed in front of him.
- She ran like she was being chased?
- She ran. Like people run.
It was an accident, Frank.
Sad and bad, but an accident.
I didn't ask them to show you the tape.
- It was snowing.
- No.
- And there was ice.
- No, no ice. The road was fine.
How about telling me why you're here?
Mrs Wheatley, my name is Frank Black.
I work with the FBI.
I need to talk to you about your daughter.
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
A truck ran into her car.
The police said he must have
been doing nearly 80.
The truck driver said she reversed into him.
No. No, he hit her.
He was doing nearly 80.
The police wouldn't let me see.
They had to identify her body
from her dental records.
Mrs Wheatley,
is it possible she did reverse
into his truck?
Are you trying to say
that... she killed herself?
- Is that possible?
- No!
She was a happy... She was happy.
Did somebody drown?
They fell through the ice and drowned.
Who was it, Mrs Wheatley?
His name was Neil Quinn.
- It was years ago, back East.
- Uh-huh.
The ice was too thin.
She was light enough and he wasn't.
It wasn't her fault.
She thought it was.
Who are you?
How do you know this?
Excuse me.
- What's up, Geibs?
- I called Andy McClaren, Frank.
He knew nothing about your trip.
- He said he certainly hadn't authorised it.
- I don't need McClaren's authorisation.
He said the FBI has no jurisdiction
in this case, and no interest in it. None.
No, they don't.
Frank, you know I have
the greatest respect for you.
But you've got to tell me
what you're looking at here.
- I don't know.
- Jeez, Frank.
You never don't know. What is it?
I think that Carol Wheatley died
because of the tape.
There are more tapes.
Hey, Frank. We found this in the


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