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we're listening.
I'm done talking.
Thomas, are you there?
Now they have to talk.
They have to.
They have to admit what they've done.
Who? The army?
That's who I thought at first,
but that wasn't them.
Who does what the government can't do?
They know who they are.
And they'll admit it,
If they're human, they'll admit it.
You can't count on others.
You know that.
I can hear in your voice
you're a decent man,
What you say you did...
What I did.
What you did in Kuwait,
that doesn't make you a killer.
- Don't do this,
- They have the antidote now.
How do you know?
I just know. Believe me, I know.
- I'm in trouble.
- Then you can stop this,
You have the truth on your side,
That's not everything.
We both know that. But it's something.
Right here. We got him.
Don't let them win, Thomas.
Don't let them win.
A relay.
The call was forwarded.
We lost him when we opened the door.
I'm sorry.
He wasn't about to let that call be traced.
It was retransmitted four times,
finally by CB radio in Silver Spring.
- How large an area would this reach?
- Virginia, Maryland...
Millions of homes. They're trying
to narrow it down, but it'll take days.
We don't have days.
I was with Peter Watts when we got to
that house and his daughter wasn't there.
- This is destroying him.
- I know.
So why won't he talk?
The Millennium Group.
- We have no idea what he's going through.
- He's her father.
Swan wanted to talk.
As long as Taylor's alive,
I've got to believe that we can reach him.
His toxin, he called it
microplasma flavivirus.
Already checked it out.
They say it doesn't exist.
For Swan, it exists.
And maybe for others.
Please talk to me.
I heard what you said on the phone.
Is it true?
But it's not my father.
It can't be.
It is.
The Millennium Group
who he works with.
It's what they did. It's what he did.
It's not.
The Internet's Conspiracy Central.
His posts as Thomas stopped six months
ago, when he stopped calling Art Bell.
- You think he's still posting?
- Not publicly.
But there are a number of private mailing lists
devoted to conspiracy topics.
Subscribers to every private mailing list
that's discussed microplasma flavivirus.
A lot of patriotic pseudonyms.
- More than one Thomas Paine.
- There.
He subscribes to lists on Desert Storm,
germ warfare, black ops...
He's got a local address and telephone
number. In range of the repeater.
We gotta get there before
the Group does.
- News?
- Could be. Excuse me.
- Stop right there, or I'll kill her.
- It's Frank Black.
- Don't come any closer,
- I can help you. I want to help.
I don't need help. I need the truth.
Listen, I know what they've done to you,
I know other things they've done,
But you don't wanna kill that girl,
You don't want her to die,
Are you there?
How do you know?
How do you know what they've done?
I know because I was once one of them,
until I found out what they are,
Why haven't you told anyone?
I've tried,
No one listens.
We can make them.
We can do it together.
I'll protect you from them.
- I'm coming in,
- No!
I got a gun!
Look, I'm coming in.
I'm unarmed.
You know I'm on your side.
I think we can make them talk.
- They'll be here soon.
- Listen...
Eric, are you all right?
- We'll take it from here.
- It's an FBI crime scene. I order you to leave.
- That's my daughter in there!
- Eric, are you there?
- What's happening?
- You missed.
Is that her father?
Is it?
You tell him she's dying!
Get outta here! Leave!
I got the antidote right here.
And she's dying!
Got it?
It's up to him.
Vector 83.2, range 1200 yards.
We delivered those coordinates to you
through extramilitary channels,
with an order to fire. You challenged it.
That challenge was noted
and recorded under Article 15,
document number BX732,
dated 25 February, 1991,
I want my daughter back.
Bless us, Lord, for these thy gifts
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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