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you suggest we do?
- He used to call into Art Bell's talk show.
It's conspiracy stuff,
a forum for people like Swan.
He called in dozens of times
under the name Thomas Paine.
If he's still listening,
I think we can get him to talk. To call in.
And then trace it?
We don't have much else to go on now.
Peter Watts is her father.
He stays in the loop.
Watts can work the trace
van with me.
From the high desert
in the great American Southwest,
I'm Art Bell and this is Coast to Coast AM
Live, where you never know
what's gonna happen next -
except, perhaps, right now.
And you're clear.
Mr Black, you know, a lot of my listeners
consider you the enemy.
- Me?
I let 'em talk.
That doesn't mean I agree with them.
- Sometimes I agree with them.
- Back in five, Art.
Well, hello.
I see in the news that Saddam is back.
And before the war machine
of the Great Satan - that would be us -
begins rolling and mowing down Iraqis,
I'd like to take, I think, a moment
to think about what happened last time,
Our guys, Remember our guys?
Sick, poisoned, victims of chemical warfare,
biotoxins - a lot of people say our own,
Or were they? I wanna hear from you,
888-555-0111, Call toll-free from anywhere
in the greatest country in the world,
- Chuck from Cincinnati, you're on the air.
- Uh, yeah, Hey, listen,
I was an MP in Kuwait, I've heard all this flap
about Gulf War syndrome, You know what?
Seems like it always comes
from someone with their hand out,
- Are you saying nothing happened?
- Something happened,
Some yahoo figured out free money
and started whining,
Let's hear what some other listeners have to
say. Line 4, Thomas Paine, you're on the air.
Some of us never asked for a cent.
Good to have you back, It's been a while,
I've been wondering what happened.
I've been pretty busy. OK, a lot of guys
never saw anything weird in Desert Storm...
It's a mobile phone in the DC area.
I have cell information.
Covers an area of about 11 square miles.
- What do you know?
- February 25, 1991.
Ground war's well underway.
We're on some mop-up assignment.
Not a lot of Saddam's armour left,
so who do we fire on?
Friendly-fire accidents
are well documented.
This is not some accident,
not some mistake. This was premeditated.
Totally, totally deliberate,
- How far?
- South. I'm tracking...
Other countries make biological weapons.
We say we don't. Does anybody believe that?
And these weapons
we supposedly don't make,
After you've taken out
a bunch of half-starved Iraqis,
won't you want to test them
on some real soldiers?
Fully inoculated,
in state-of-the-art gear?
The best fighting force in the world,
under actual combat conditions.
That's what they had,
and that's what they did.
- Who did?
- I did!
The coordinates came in, and an order to fire.
I loaded the shell. I launched it.
We're getting close.
The next day,
they denied anything ever happened.
But I found them.
A whole platoon dead in a medical tent.
Then they said the Iraqis did it.
But I know.
I was 19.
They gave me the coordinates,
and I followed orders.
Thomas Paine, are you there?
I pulled the trigger.
So don't anybody tell me it didn't happen.
Frank, we're closing in,
but you've got to keep him on the air.
Thomas, I believe you.
In the studio I have Frank Black.
- Who are you?
- They did the same thing in this country.
I'm talking about something that actually
happened in Kuwait to American soldiers.
And I'm talking about the death of my wife.
Yellowing skin, purple lesions,
bleeding out in the Northwest last year
with 70 other people, OK?
So don't tell me that never happened.
Because I'm tired of it. I'm tired.
I'm tired of not knowing what killed her.
Microplasma flavivirus.
That's what they call it.
They'll screw you up with denials. Don't be
pushed into something you shouldn't do,
because if you do, they've got you right
where they want you. Now,
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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