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hurt me!
What do you want? I can get money!
Help me!
Help me!
What are you doing to me?
Ow! Please stop!
You're hurting me!
Please try to relax.
This is kinda
uncomfortable for me,
but I'm gonna have to ask you the same
questions I'd ask any father in this situation.
Everything OK at home?
We're a very close family.
What about boyfriends, ex-boyfriend?
Just what's on the fact sheet. I interviewed
them all. You're welcome to try that, too.
What about the Millennium Group?
Cases that you've worked?
The Group's investigating
those possibilities.
It would help if we had a list
of members.
I don't disagree with you,
but there are issues with that.
- You know, policy.
- This is your daughter's life.
Can't somebody make an exception?
OK, good.
Highway patrol found the car
used in the abduction.
It's clean.
- What's that smell?
- The odour of spectramaldehyde.
- A spectracide disinfectant.
- Destroying genetic evidence.
- Maybe he was just trying to protect himself.
- From what?
They switched cars. A second vehicle
was here, away from the light.
Here's a tyre track.
Boot print.
The cavalry.
We're still on scene.
We'll let you know when we're ready.
Forget it's Watts for a moment.
Just think high-risk target. Difficult location.
Elaborate planning.
It's a textbook case.
- Kidnap for ransom.
- So what's missing?
The ransom demand.
Communication from the kidnappers.
No, they've got communication.
We just haven't seen it.
What kind of father...
You know what kind.
Frank? Are you planning to let me know
what you make of all this?
- Sins of the father.
- Based on what?
There's not one single fact
that points in that direction.
Peter didn't ask you in on this, did he?
You didn't hear about it from him.
We were notified originally by the local PD.
So what?
He didn't ask for our help
because he doesn't want it.
Now look, Frank...
I was very happy that you were
working on this on your own.
But you got to tell me,
are you in or are you out?
I can't have you sniping
from the sidelines.
You're looking for possibly two men.
Military or police training, high IQ.
They feel they're on a mission.
At war, even.
And that warrants
a high degree of personal risk.
What kind of mission?
I don't know yet.
Well, you're right about the military part.
That tyre tread you pointed us to?
It was only sold at military PXs.
So was the boot.
I've got agents digging through receipts
at 42 bases, trying to make a match.
- I think we can narrow it down further.
- How?
They bought a large quantity
of a disinfectant known as spectramaldehyde.
FBI! Put up your hands!
Put up your hands and turn around!
David Cougar, Gulf War vet,
Fifth Special Forces Group.
He was one of the abductors.
The boots match.
He was tortured.
Electrical shock, fingernails removed,
both corneas ruptured.
Execution wound point blank
to the back of the head.
We've seen this before.
Now look, the dead guy in there,
David Cougar, fits your profile to a T.
He's military, Desert Storm,
spent time in a psych ward when he got back.
But his partner's the sick one.
He got Cougar to help him grab the Watts girl,
then rewarded him like that.
I'm not sure the other kidnapper did this.
Excuse me.
Shot point blank to the back of the head.
Just like the skulls in Maine.
It's a Millennium Group execution.
The head shot's gratuitous,
given everything else they did to him.
It's a sign for members who arrive.
Behave accordingly.
- Think we'll find anything in there?
- No evidence.
That scene is severe by anyone's standards.
The Group is getting desperate about it.
Whatever it is.
My father will do whatever you want.
Just call him. He'll pay anything. I know it.
He already said no.
I'm sorry, but that's what happened.
- What do you mean?
- He said... no.
He's your father.
Maybe you understand it.
No. I don't.
Who are

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