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- Come on, Frank. Let them do their job.
Her saturation's dropping. She's not
moving air. Set up a thoracentesis.
- Crash cart's here.
- Pulse ox down to 90.
What's going on here?
It's already full.
She's solid water.
Chest tube, now.
I tried.
Oh, God, I tried to do everything
you asked me to do without knowing why.
No expectations. Don't do this.
I'm begging you,
please don't take her away from me.
No. If somebody has to die, let it be me.
Are you listening to me?
So, do you like this train?
Yeah. A lot.
That's OK.
Everything's OK, honey.
What in the hell is 108 doing?
We got a situation here.
Where is it all coming from?
I don't know. It's impossible.
Oh, my God.
She's drowning.
I can't keep her lungs drained.
- Respiratory arrest.
- V tach. Call a code.
- Clear.
- Wait.
Hey. Hey.
I saw Mommy.
Train cars derailed in the Flint River.
What a mess.
OK, looking good.
Get her into Exam One.
These wouldn't have made it, but
their compartment doorjammed airtight.
- It's the only thing that saved them.
- Lucky.
Except for that guy over there.
Dad? Dad.
Mommy said she's fine.
And she said to tell you she chose.
She made the right choice.
I don't know what that means.
It means... she loved you.
Very, very, very much.
I made this!She couldn't do that again.
We go ahead!
Pi, Pi, Pi, Pi, we got the heat
Pi, Pi, Pi, Pi, can't be beat!
Driver of a Jeep, licence LY46757,
your lights are on,
All right!
- Where are you going?
- I left my lights on.
- You're a really good bowler.
- Gee, thanks.
That's, like, the nicest thing
anyone's ever said to me.
Did you move my car?
OK, greatjoke, Nick.
Come on, where are my keys?
- Help me! Some guy just attacked us!
- Where?
He's right there.
This is the most recent footage
of the victim, Taylor Watts.
It was taken in August,
just before she was getting ready
to go off to college at William and Mary,
where she was a well-liked freshman.
Now, I don't need to tell you
that this one is different, people.
This is family.
First, I know that you have all been
pulled off pressing assignments.
My wife and I thank you.
A fellow student, Nick Carfagna,
was the sole witness.
He's been cleared of any involvement,
but provided a description of the kidnapper.
It's on the last page of your fact sheets.
There's not much to go on. He wore a mask
of the type issued to the troops in Kuwait,
now widely available at surplus.
The crime scene was equally nonproductive.
Slide, please.
No useful prints were developed from the car.
Fibre evidence was inconclusive.
No footprints were developed.
It's been 16 hours since she was taken.
We have not heard from the kidnappers.
That's all I have.
Let's get her back.
The man's daughter has been abducted.
- I understand that.
- Well, I don't appreciate your attitude.
With all respect, I think it's naive
to talk about Taylor Watts
like she's some co-ed
that got taken by chance.
You know something that we don't?
Sir, the Millennium Group
was not mentioned.
- Or their enemies. Now...
- You and Frank...
Where is Frank? If it were my daughter,
I'd want him on this case. Why doesn't Watts?
Frank declined to become involved.
I'm sorry about your daughter.
I know Taylor,
It's a terrible thing,
They told me you refused to help.
It didn't sound like you.
- You believe she was actually kidnapped?
- Don't you?
With Watts involved,
I don't know what to believe.
Well, they took her.
They took her right from here.
They? The witness described
a single attacker.
Doubtful. Not with Taylor Watts.
It was planned. A precise operation.
Do you think she's still alive?
Considering the amount of energy
they expended to get her,
the one thing we can be sure of
is that she's alive.
Don't hurt me, please!
Please don't
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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