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- You were there.
- Where?
In the room with this man
when he died.
That call came in on 911.
That's your voice on the tape.
- That's not my voice,
- Sure sounds like it,
Not to me,
- What is your name?
- It doesn't matter.
- Actually, it matters quite a bit.
- You're angry.
Why did you go to that encounter group,
Remain in Light?
- Is that how you meet people?
- I met you there.
I've circulated your picture up and down
the east coast to survivor groups.
One in Boston, one in Baltimore,
one in Philadelphia. They've all seen you.
Don't know your name,
but they've all seen you.
Is that a crime?
Murder is a crime.
Thank you.
It's not my voice, is it?
That's all for now.
Let's go.
- Frank. Frank!
- Stay away from my daughter.
- It's not him.
- Yes, it is. This is him.
You stay away from my daughter.
It's not his voice on the 911 tape.
- It's not.
- Four,
- Time to issue a flood warning?
- It's just coming from nowhere.
I think we should move.
Let's get our stuff here.
So, left? Right?
What do you say?
All full.
- May we join you?
- Oh. Please, please.
- Can I help you?
- No, I'm OK, thanks.
- We had a little flooding next door.
- Really?
Somebody call 911!
- You want to talk about it?
- You let him go?
We had no evidence, and that's
not what I meant. You attacked him.
- Hey.
- What?
You attacked a man in my custody. Forget
he's not pressing charges, I have to report it.
- So report it.
- I won't.
Of course I won't.
I am worried about you, OK?
- Who is he?
- I told you.
No. You gave me a picture and said,
"Find him". Somehow I did.
He found you.
He's responsible for three deaths.
- We don't know that.
- And now he's after Jordan.
You thought it was his voice
on the 911 tape. So did I.
But we were wrong.
You saw the report.
Forget the report.
He's right here. Look at it.
- There he is, right here.
- It looks like him. On the tape it sounded...
He's in the park and look
what he's got in his hand.
He's holding a watch. The watch he took
from the woman and left for me.
- Could be anything from anybody.
- But it's not. Look at it.
- He vanishes in one frame.
- The tape was tampered with.
- But it hasn't been.
- Well, he can'tjust disappear.
Where did he go?
He's after Jordan.
- Doctor! We need a doctor in here.
- Get a doctor.
Congested, but right now she's fine.
To be honest with you,
I'm a little confused.
We can continue to treat her symptoms - in
fact, she couldn't be in a better place for that.
We're running out of time.
Mr Black.
Not facing what's happening
to her won't make her well.
Saying someone is doing this to her
doesn't make those tough decisions go away.
Someone is after her.
Who are you?
You were in the park when the woman died.
You were there and then you vanished.
Weren't you? What are you doing here?
Who are you?
- Can't explain.
- Why are you stalking my daughter?
- She received a gift.
- "Gift"?
Of additional time on Earth.
Just like the others.
Now their time is finished.
And there are those who need now
what she needed then.
To continue living.
So you intend to kill
my daughter to save them?
- Your wife died so your daughter could live.
- She chose.
- Did she?
- Yes.
Where was the choice?
You're talking about the only great thing
that ever happened in my life. Understand?
"Almighty Father,
to whom alone belongs life and death,
we know if thou wilt thou canst
even yet raise thy servant up. "
"If it be thy pleasure to prolong her days on
Earth, let her be an instrument of thy glory. "
"By this holy anointing, may the... "
Hey. What are you doing?
- "... may the Lord, in his love, heal you... "
- Shh. Don't do that. Get out. Get out.
- Why is he here?
- I was called.
Listen, she's not gonna die. Get out.
Next stop, Washington DC, All aboard,
- Mr Black,
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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