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Nothing with the photos.
Are you OK?
I... I think it's yours, Frank.
- Yeah?
- Is this Frank Black?
Hey, Supergirl.
You feeling kind of crummy?
- Thank you very much.
- OK. Take care, Jordan.
I'm gonna whip you up some
home-made chicken soup.
Yeah, that's the ticket.
- You don't even know how.
- Yes, I do.
- We're set up in two.
- Pulse is 30 and shallow, BP 132 over 94.
- Get a line in. What's her temperature?
- 108. Resetting.
What's her name? Jordan? Can you tell
me how you feel? When did this start?
- She was fine an hour ago.
- She's seizing.
- Lumbar puncture tray. Temperature?
- 108.3.
- Please.
- OK, we need to move her.
We have to get her temperature down.
- You're hurting her.
- Get him out.
- Mr Black...
- Get him out.
Stop. Stop.
Stop. Stop.
- Mr Black, please...
- All right, I understand.
- I know, I know. I love you.
- No, Daddy! Daddy...
Daddy, help! Daddy, help!
Daddy, no!
Daddy! Daddy!
- Daddy, help! Daddy!
- I got you.
This is why nobody takes trains any more.
I could walk faster.
- We've stopped.
- Is that your idea of ajoke?
You're supposed to get us from
A to B on time. That's your business.
And if I ran my business
the way you run yours...
- The other engine will be here soon.
- You told me that two hours ago.
What's your idea of soon?
A day? A week?
Wasting our lives here, that's what
you're doing. You're wasting our lives.
- Excuse me, is that seat taken?
- Please.
Well, her temperature's normal, and her
basic signs have been stable for a while.
I'd like to keep her for observation,
but I think we're OK.
- What's wrong with her?
- She presented the symptoms for meningitis.
Fever, altered mental functioning.
She was hospitalised with meningitis before.
Yeah, in Seattle. I told you that.
What's wrong with her?
Nothing diagnostic. It's an FUO.
- An FUO?
- I'm sorry. Fever of unknown origin.
You have no idea what's going on?
In Seattle, the fever simply disappeared.
Just like now, except for one thing.
In Seattle, there was an underlying
infection - meningitis.
This time, her white counts were normal.
Her labs were clean.
She has all the symptoms,
but not the disease.
Which... makes you wonder
if it's all in her head.
Mr Black, I'd like to suggest a specialist.
We have an excellent woman
who works only with children.
It's not in her head.
Someone is doing this to her.
Stay here with her.
Can you make the nose smaller?
- That's it. Let's print some out.
- Frank. How's Jordan?
- This is the man.
- What man?
I need a security detail.
He was on the grounds last night.
Can you give us a minute?
Thank you.
- Who is this guy?
- I saw him when Jordan collapsed.
Then I saw him again last night,
outside her window. He's stalking her.
- What do you mean?
- Stalking her.
You requisitioned equipment, a sketch artist.
McClaren asked me why.
I come here and find Jordan's been
hospitalised. You could have told me.
I told you Jordan had meningitis
in Seattle.
- A fatal condition. Itjust disappeared.
- Is it back?
No. She's one of them, like the three victims.
Jordan should have died in Seattle.
Like the woman in the park, like the 911 call.
Living on borrowed time.
And now this man is after her.
Your daughter is sick. I know you're worried,
but it has nothing to do with this case.
- You're wrong.
- You see things even...
Hey, wait a minute.
This is not an apparition.
Gertrude Epstein. GPE.
The woman who collapsed in the park,
that's her watch. He had it. He left it.
You want to help me?
Find him.
Somehow he's in contact with the victims.
And now he's after Jordan.
Help me find him.
I can't leave here.
Help me find him.
- He's not a regular. I know that.
- But has he ever come by?
Like I said, we get a lot
of curiosity seekers, hangers-on.
200 people attended
our workshop last spring.
That's OK. Someone else thought
he might have been here, that's all.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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