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For your little girl, at least.
Anything you know
about who might have done this to her.
Get out.
Frank Black.
For a guy who's been laying low for months,
you've been getting around.
Word is you requisitioned a forensic unit
from the Salt Lake office.
What is this?
An obligatory budgetary call?
I just wanna know what's going on,
First you beg to go to California,
now Baldwin tells me you're in Salt Lake City
with one of his agents.
- What? I'm by myself.
- Doing what, for God's sake?
Now, I never authorised
any travel out there, Frank,
There was a house explosion. It connects
to the plane crash. To your stewardess.
How? Please, tell me, cos we just issued
a statement saying she acted alone.
Andy, I gotta go.
You're a real piece of work.
Mr Black?
Get out.
Get out now!
There's a connection.
It's what drew me in. It's why I had
to get out there. And it's in those containers.
What? What's in 'em, Frank?
Victims of a viral outbreak.
The planned release of a biotoxin.
Andy, the same one that
killed Catherine.
Wait, before you say this
in front of anybody...
- I'm sure about it.
- We've been friends a long time, so I can...
- These people are involved.
- How? How were they involved?
I don't know. They were prepared. They
planned for an outbreak. They were ready.
Frank, your wife died in the Pacific
Northwest. These people are in Salt Lake City.
You're way off. Way, way off, Frank.
I am all hands on deck
trying to keep this case in order
and you turn it upside down
with this ridiculous chase for vengeance.
There is a pattern.
At ground zero of the outbreak,
the first victim was a mother and a child.
The woman on the plane is connected
to the woman in the house explosion
and they both had children.
These containers, you open them and you'll
find the same thing - a mother and a child.
- A viral outbreak?
- Yeah.
A plane crash? A house explosion?
If they are all connected to you and Catherine,
how come your daughter's still alive?
We had something that they didn't have.
An antitoxin. Just not enough of it.
The people I worked for, the Millennium
Group, they got it for us. They were warned.
Maybe you should throw it to them then, cos
this won't fly here, not in a thousand years.
Andy, just open the caskets.
KP levels to base level,
we're ready to go.
We're good to go.
You shouldn't be out there.
You shouldn't be here either.
Go home, Frank. Till I call you.
Is that my daddy?
Daddy! How come you're late?
I'm sorry I'm home so late.
I had a really hard day at work.
She wouldn't go to bed.
- You wouldn't go to bed?
- Nope.
Do you know what happens,
I'll take her up, Frank.
- I'll come up and tuck you in.
- Bye.
Good night, Grandpa.
That little girl needs more
than you're giving her, Frank.
I'm afraid for her.
I know you blame me
for Catherine's death, Tom.
Don't do it this way.
She's setting imaginary place settings
for her mother whenever we sit down to eat.
- It's not healthy, Frank, do you think?
- We're all working through it in our own way.
Every day I thank God
Jordan didn't die in that thing, Frank.
But my daughter did.
And every day I have to deal
with the anger of wondering "why her?"
Why not you?
- I wonder too.
- Do you, Frank?
Or are you just running from it?
There isn't a picture, a memento,
nothing here that remembers Catherine.
If you're so good at what you do,
you'd have caught who did it.
Maybe you've lost it.
Maybe you're just running now.
I'm sorry, I know it's late and it's...
- I called, but your phone's off the hook.
- I know.
I just can't get this stuff
out of my head,
about the crash and the house
and those two women.
I can't help you.
It's over. It's a dead end.
With all due respect, sir,
I think you're wrong.
That woman at the hospital
knows something.
I saw it in her eyes.
She'll talk to you, I know it.
If you hadn't noticed,
I have a problem taking "
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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