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right to interfere.
No right.
I'm very sorry.
Gertrude Epstein. 48 years old.
Died of a massive pulmonary oedema,
or so it seemed.
But the water in her lungs had neither protein
nor blood, which you get with bodily fluids.
So, basically, somebody
pumped her full of water.
- How?
- You tell me.
After the cause of death gets beyond
a single cell, it's not my department.
Her death was caught on videotape. Right
before it happens, there's no one near her.
Have there been other victims?
The same circumstances?
Not that we've heard about.
I think you'll find there's others,
if you send a bulletin to the local hospitals.
Her watch.
It's missing.
Paramedics said it was gone
when they picked her up.
Here we go. Look out.
Coming through. Excuse me.
Thank you.
Watch it, buddy.
Let's go.
Somebody call 911!
CDC sent this over.
There was another victim.
Lisa Maher, dead on arrival at Mercy Hospital
six hours before this videotape was shot.
Lungs full of mystery water,
just like this woman.
Pretty thick medical history.
Maybe it is some weird disease.
She had it three years ago.
It's a bacterial infection of the brain.
Adults rarely survive it without brain damage.
Jordan had a brush with it
when we moved to Seattle.
She was hospitalised with a raging fever.
A day later, itjust went away.
Wow. But she's fine now?
Yeah. We're very lucky.
The two victims have
almost nothing in common.
Gertrude had a master's in musicology.
Lisa Maher dropped out in eighth grade.
- Maybe they do have something in common.
- What?
Gertrude Epstein, the woman in the park,
three years ago had this car crash.
She said it changed her life.
That it was a kind of a miracle.
This woman survives a fatal car crash.
The other, a fatal disease.
Both victims have cheated death before.
- "Cheated death"?
- Yeah.
- You think that has some bearing?
- I do.
I need to enhance
the faces on this videotape.
The killer may be there, watching.
I have to go.
- Dad?
- Shh.
I'm just taking your temperature.
Go back to sleep, sweetie.
It's the 911 call that came in late
last night from this apartment.
What do you think?
Some kind of taunt?
Why a 911 call for victim
number three?
According to the landlord,
this man was a shut-in.
The body wouldn't have been discovered
for days, then only by the smell.
Calling 911 was an act of compassion.
Compassionate homicide.
The woman in the park.
He would have stuck around long enough
to make sure she was taken care of.
Any progress on the video?
We've checked a few people.
So far, they seem legit.
Joggers, parents with kids.
- You really think he's there?
- Yes, I do.
Frank, you said the first two victims
cheated death, whatever that means.
This guy had no history
of anything like that.
In fact,
he barely had any history at all.
- A near-death experience group.
- "Remain in Light"?
- So Patrick's passed on.
- Patrick Varad.
Just "Patrick".
We go by first names here.
They've all had near-death experiences?
Most. We're a support group for those
who have, but we do get some hangers-on.
People who are fascinated
by life after death.
Could you take a look at these photos and tell
me if any of them have been through here?
And that's when I heard those words:
"It's not your time. "
"It's not your time. "
I mean, even now,
just thinking about it, I'm amazed.
My return to this world was a pure gift.
There was no haggling, no pleading.
Just the realisation that life and death
are out of our hands. Not our decision.
You know, I also realised something which...
It seems so obvious to me now.
That force that gives us
life in the first place...
Of course it has a plan
for what comes after.
Nothing bad will happen.
When it's my time, I'll go.
It will be fine.
I'm sorry, I can't help you.
- Nothing with the photos.
- Huh?
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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