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Look, she...
She saved me. Lhasa did.
I was dead, I was... worse than dead.
She brought me back.
Polgreen wants 'em to testify.
He wants to put them into witness protection.
Witness protection is a load of crap.
If Santo even has a dream that
they're gonna testify, then they're history.
What have you told them?
What do they know?
Everything. I was just babbling.
I was just getting it off my chest.
You know, names and places and dates.
Didn't mean anything to them.
They just took it as, like, a fairy tale.
I'll tell them anything
they want to know - in court -
if it's gonna keep Lhasa and Rose
out of this mess.
If it's gonna keep Lhasa and Rose
out of this mess.
Lean back when you go forward,
lean forward when you go back.
Back. Forward. Good.
Look. No cast.
It's all better.
Lhasa did it.
- They can do magic, can't they?
- It seems like it.
That man Eddie? They fixed him too.
He was dead and then they fixed him.
- What makes you say that?
- Just what I think.
I told them about Mommy,
what happened to her.
Yeah? What did they say?
They don't talk much.
I'm not sure they understood.
I got some business with these people.
I'm gonna have to go away.
No, Eddie.
I have to.
Sad Eddie.
I'm gonna miss you girls. I really am.
What? No.
All right, all right, all right.
- Oh! No!
- Oh, my God!
- Everybody get down!
- My God!
No! No!
Get an ambulance.
The three guys from New Jersey,
they were interviewed.
Let me guess.
They don't know nothing, right?
And the rifle fired at Lhasa is available
nationwide at a major department store,
so you cannot trace the buyer.
This used to be my job.
Have you heard the medical report on Lhasa?
The bullet lodged near her spine.
She doesn't look good.
They tell me there's a doctor in Boston that
thinks he can reconstruct the nerve damage.
- You can't do that.
- Why not?
You move her, you give them an easy shot.
She's dead yesterday.
You know, the... uh... the prosecutor
declined my offer to testify.
He says I'm a... a hit man who faked
my own death. Who's gonna believe me?
He's gonna stick to the girls.
The people from New Jersey?
What? Talk to them?
They're not big on talk.
I've got to protect my angels.
I'm sorry about all this, Rose.
You should have never come out here.
I'm gonna take care of things.
It'll be OK.
Sing, Eddie.
Sing "Deuce Coupe".
Don't move.
- It's all right. It's all right.
- What are you doing here?
It took me two seconds
to break through your security.
It'll be all right.
- Where are you going?
- Just stay here and protect them. Please.
Evening, Bony.
- Dad.
- Yes, pumpkin?
I want to see Lhasa and Rose.
Sweetie, what you were telling me
about Lhasa bringing Mommy back...
As much as you and I both want it,
it's not going to happen.
- That's not why I want to see them.
- No?
- You scared, Bony? You should be.
- I thought you was dead. That we killed you.
I am asking you to let this job slide.
You leave these girls alone.
- That can't happen. Money's been paid.
- You knew me. What I was then.
- You was a great guy. You had cogliani,
- I was a dirtball, lowest of the low.
These girls gave me back my life.
They asked for nothing,
which I didn't for one second deserve.
- I was a killer, Bony. Just like you.
- I'm losing you, Eddie.
Let this job slide.
- I don't wanna whack you.
- Hey. I whacked you.
You was my best friend.
What did you think, that that was easy?
And now I hear this crap coming out of your
mouth? I shouldn't have thought twice.
All right.
Let's do it here.
Below the neck and above the belt,
just like I did you. OK?
Come on. Don't make me wait.
It's a miracle I'm alive, Bony.
- It's a miracle!
- Yeah, whatever.
It's a biblical miracle. Like they told us when
we was altar boys. Do you remember that?
Come on, Eddie, don't torture me!
Pull the damn trigger!
Turn around.
Turn around!
If this hadn't
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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