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light" crap either,
You just get real cold,
- Well, you look fine.
- Sure.
Cos after the cold...
that's when the weird part happened.
I opened my eyes
and I'm in some kind of cave, I guess.
I'm still cold, but I'm not dead any more.
It was filled with this... feminine energy.
I know that sounds all New Age-y,
but that's what it was. Feminine energy.
I tried to get up, but it held me down.
- The feminine energy?
- Yeah.
Tell you the truth, best I ever felt.
This feminine presence,
did it say anything?
- No.
- Oh.
Well, maybe,
Yeah, now that I think of it,
there was this voice, Says:
"How'd the Yankees make out?"
- It asked you how the Yankees did?
- Yeah,
- And what did you say?
- I told them they swept the Padres in four,
And where did the coat come from, Al?
- I don't know.
- Al.
I don't know.
This is it.
See? I was way off the beaten path.
The deer was over there.
I walked towards... Oh, my God.
There it is. It happened right there.
- This is the kill zone.
- Hold him.
- The teeth marks, the money left behind.
- That's him.
- It's probably an animal attack.
- There's not a scratch on him.
But I was here. Like I said.
- Someone dragged the body up that way.
- That was me. My body.
Someone's up there.
Don't move! Little Foot, or whoever you are,
you're under arrest.
But I didn't do anything.
Police brutality! Police brutality!
I'm gonna sue.
- Police brutality!
- Shut up.
Police brutality!
Yeah. Sure, sure, what else are you gonna do?
Police brutality!
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hey, Jordan.
- Hi.
- Merry Christmas, Frank.
- Merry Christmas.
Tell me about the man we found.
Eddie Giannini.
Santo family hit man.
You don't know his reputation?
- I don't know much about organised crime.
- Eddie "Scarpino" Giannini.
He was a top assassin
for the Santo crime organisation.
51 notches in his belt. He was supposed
to be dead, gone the way of Jimmy Hoffa.
These three men confessed to the murder.
They've been doing time.
So what now? Do they walk?
Already released.
But it gets worse than that.
Their confessions brought down
the Santo crime organisation.
Everything unravels now that Eddie's alive.
The bureau is in full panic mode.
They've got their first-string
organised-crime agents assigned to this.
What does "Scarpino" mean?
"Small shoes". It's an insulting reference
to his tiny... feet.
See you over there.
Mr Black, this is Jonathan Polgreen, lead
prosecutor on the original Santo family case.
- You're the one who brought Eddie in, right?
- Yes, I am.
I spent years on this case. Always imagined
what it would be like to talk to Scarpino.
This is gonna be fun.
- I'm looking forward to this.
- Don't get smart with me.
No, really. I am.
- You recognise these people?
- Sure.
This is Fat Sal
and this is Benny the Mechanic, right?
Fat Sal was a hell of a singer.
He might have played the lounges
or even the big room
if his luck had broken the other way.
And the Mechanic I didn't know too well,
but he seemed like a decent guy.
- Who killed them?
- Me. I shot both of them.
I mean, I realise now how wrong that was,
but, unfortunately, that's what happened.
- What else do you wanna know?
- Your friends pinned 51 murders on you.
Those guys! It's more like 27.
I made a list for you.
I apologise in advance about the spelling.
- Has he been Mirandised?
- Several times.
- You don't want a lawyer?
- He'd just tell me to keep my mouth shut.
Vincente Santo ordered these executions,
didn't he?
I take personal responsibility
for what I've done.
- Don't bring Santo or anybody into this.
- What's your ruse, Eddie?
A ruse is if I said
I was in church, saying my prayers.
- I'm trying to help you out here, capeesh?
- You faked your own death.
Three wise guys plea-bargained
to a single murder charge - yours -
in exchange for testimony which let us
put away Santo and his top soldiers.
But then you reappear.
The whole case falls
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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