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heroin overdoses
of people looking for that monster.
It's become sort of a mythological high,
like seeing God.
You've never seen
any physical manifestation?
I see a lot of these.
It's an emulation of the Chinese
animus concept of body decoration.
You take on the characteristics of the animal
or the demon you wear on your skin.
So this girl was actually
looking for the monster?
I don't know if she found it,
but she definitely got to see God.
Excuse me.
- She lied to me, Frank.
- I'm not so sure now.
You're the one who accused her.
Someone weighed Elissa's body down.
Someone tried to hide something.
There's nothing to hide.
You heard the coroner.
He said no physical manifestation
of the effect. What if it's temporary?
Temporary distortion of the human form.
A monster within, brought on by the drug.
McClaren said the FBI drug test
turned up nothing special.
Maybe because they don't know
what they're looking for.
- What's he want?
- He wants to talk to me.
It wouldn't show up in your tests,
Your tests are not specific enough
to find what I'm looking at.
- What are you looking at?
- A tissue sample from a hard-core user
showing an accumulation of a strange and
foreign hormone in the woman's skin cells.
Yeah, OK, I trust you.
The hormones have been chemically attached
to either the lactose or the opiate itself
using very sophisticated science.
This is what Emma was trying to investigate
and why she was in possession of drugs.
Frank, I know you're on to something there,
but there's no need.
- What do you mean, no need?
- The OPR investigation of Hollis is dropped.
- Since when?
- I got the call on my way home,
I'm to draft an apology to Emma.
- Where did this come from?
- I don't know, Frankly, I don't care,
Wait a minute.
The OPR did this independently?
Well, I guess it comes from DOJ.
Maybe higher.
The Department of Justice?
Don't you find that weird, Andy?
I just want you to get your behinds
on the next plane home. OK?
Go find Tamra.
- Why?
- Because her life's in danger.
Hold on! Hold on!
Hold on, I'm coming.
I need to see T.
T's out. She didn't make curfew.
- She's not in her room?
- It's not her room, those are the rules.
- Out with who? Did she say?
- Didn't ask, she didn't say.
You wanna see the monster.
Johnny's gonna show you
where that monster lives.
Oh, my God.
Please... don't...
Tamra Caffrey!
- Hey! Look up!
- Hey!
You freakin' monster.
I asked you for the prime movers of heroin
in BC and you gave me this man. Why?
Wing Ho. He's a chemist
for one of the oldest Hong Kong triads.
There's a mug shot,
but no record, no information.
I believe he's a deep-cover informant
for your US DEA.
How did they turn him?
He patriated here
from Canton Province in 1993.
His brother was ordered executed
by the Dai Lo in Taiwan.
Ordinarily their Kuan Ti code
would keep him quiet,
but Ho couldn't forgive
his brother's death.
- Couldn't forgive the Dai Lo.
- Yeah.
- Who are you calling?
- The assistant director of the FBI.
Put some pressure on the DEA.
Find a 20 on their informant.
Get Agent Hollis back here.
We're gonna need some backup.
It's the dealers.
I smell gasoline.
- The building's been doused.
- Their own product?
It's no good. It's been
chemically contaminated.
You gotta go now.
- Where are you going?
- To look for Tamra.
- That's my responsibility.
- No, go on. Go.
Get the fire department!
The building's set to go!
Where is she?
It's OK.
Come on. We gotta go.
No! Don't look at me!
Come on, we gotta go!
We gotta get out of here.
Just talked to OPR. Your things
should be returned by this afternoon.
- Thank you.
- How's your friend?
She's getting better. Thanks.
I'm... I'm glad that
this misunderstanding got sorted out.
I hope you learned something from it.
Learned something?
- You were saying?
- You make the same mistake.


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