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That doesn't explain
your positive drug test, does it?
- Stop it.
- What do I have to do?
I believe you. That's why I'm here.
She sent me an unmarked
envelope in the mail.
I opened the packet, I took a taste
on the end of one finger. It was...
It was stupid. I was thinking about
how I was gonna get it tested.
Tested for what?
Tamra says thatjunkies are disappearing.
That there's heroin on the streets
that's turning people into monsters.
- That's an old urban myth.
- She says she's seen it.
A friend of hers who she says
a couple of dealers killed to cover it up.
Who did this to you?
You're unarmed, Emma.
You come up here investigating
with no legal authority whatsoever.
I'm afraid for her, Frank.
I don't know if she can stay straight.
- How's she doing?
- She hates her treatment, but they all do.
I don't see her lookin' to bolt, though.
Let me get her.
- Where are you?
- I'm with Hollis.
- You went out there?
- It was on my dime.
It's got nothing to do with money.
I'm catching flak left and right over this.
- There are mitigating facts.
- They're ready to push a button on Hollis.
- The dope was sent to her for testing.
- It's been tested now.
- Did you find anything strange?
- Stranger than 80 per cent pure heroin?
- Nothing besides that?
- It was cut with lactose and mannitol.
Baby laxative.
What? That's not the mitigating
circumstance you were referring to?
I'll get back to you, Andy.
Her name was Elissa. I called her E.
She called me T. Just like you, Em.
We met as Essence House.
She was trying to kick.
All these pictures were taken
last summer after we both got clean.
There have been seven unclaimed or
unidentified bodies over the past three weeks.
Six John Does. None of them match
the description you gave us.
They pushed her out of the window.
I saw her lyin' there.
- You saw them push her?
- I know they did it. She didn'tjump.
How strung-out were you, Tamra?
I wasn't even high yet.
You're lookin' at me like I'm makin' it up.
You put her in a very difficult situation.
- What she needs is the truth.
- I'm tellin' the truth!
I saw my friend turn into a monster!
You told me you were gonna
help me, Emma. I believed you.
- T...
- Let her go.
- This isn't what she needs.
- What she needs is attention.
Maybe that's what this whole story is about.
Because none of it makes much sense.
- She's afraid.
- Look at what you're risking
for what might turn out to be
ajunkie's delusional fantasy.
You can't save her, you can't fix her.
But maybe you can save yourself, Emma.
From what? The delusional fantasies
of McClaren and the FBI? I believe her.
There isn't one shred of evidence
to support what she's telling you.
You and I, we'll go on living.
Every day of that girl's life
is a gamble.
Now your life is becoming
part of the stakes.
Emma Hollis.
Thank you.
- What?
- They found the body.
She's a floater. Came up under the docks.
Body had been weighted down.
Clothed, as you see,
but no jewellery or other identification.
- Any distinguishing marks?
- Just this E tattooed on the back of her hand.
Body has been identified, but not by
immediate family, as Elissa Zaritzski.
There's water distension of the dermal
layers consistent with immersion,
along with some evidence of
invertebrate scavenging on the exposed skin.
No signs of any degloving
of the epidermis of the hands.
There should be no problem
making a positive print ID.
Subject is Caucasian, 20s,
with some fairly quality
dental work sometime in her life.
Her last few years have been high-mileage.
A lot of IV drug use. Probably a big history.
Jumps out as a dump,
not a drowning.
Nothing else in her appearance
suggests another cause of death?
- Such as?
- Before she died,
someone close to her said she'd taken on
the characteristics of a monster.
- Riding the monster.
- I don't understand.
We've had a wave of
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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