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Your reputation's pretty well-known
around the academy.
I hope it's nothing
I have to live up to, Agent Hollis.
I don't know if you've heard
the prevailing theory.
The gun had one set of prints, which
have been matched to a flight attendant.
They got traces of gunpowder off her right
hand and casings from Teflon-coated loads.
So the theory is
she stashed the gun in the bathroom
until she decided
it was time for the plane to land.
Whose theory is that?
Special Agent Baldwin.
- I gotta tell you, it doesn't make sense to me.
- Why's that?
Smoke alarm went off in the aft lavatory
before the plane broke up.
If she's gonna crash the plane,
she's not gonna call attention to herself.
Anyway, it's lucky
it came down in this meadow.
NTSB guys say a few minutes earlier and it
would have been all at impossible elevations.
"Lucky" is a tough word to use out here.
Let me ask you...
What about the butterflies?
Is there anything to them?
They're attracted to motor oil, brake fluid.
So it's nothing, then?
They're attracted to lacrimal secretions.
- Tears?
- I don't know if it means anything.
That's why you're here, though.
I mean, you see things differently.
- That's what they say.
- I'm not sure why I'm out here.
Just hold on a second so I can follow the
bouncing ball. You got a match on the prints?
A seven-point match on the stewardess. Only
prints on the gun. We have powder residue.
We've got her employment profile and it's
spotty. Two medical leaves in three years.
HR gave her a termination warning
at the end of 1997,
- She's been on probation until the crash,
- Disgruntled employee.
Yeah. She hides a gun in the lav,
boom, boom, she's even.
That sounds right.
Did you ask Frank Black what he thinks?
No. Not yet. He's not real communicative. Not
real sure what he's doing here, to be honest.
- Keep him apprised, he might be of help.
- Sure.
- I gotta release something to the press.
- Loose theory only. Sole perpetrator.
I don't want you going out on any limbs.
All right.
You got something?
There's your smoke alarm.
- Pink lipstick on the filter.
- Check the file on the stewardess.
- You think she's a smoker?
- I'm betting she's not.
I got her medicals.
No indication she smoked.
Nothing definitive either way.
Think there was someone else in the lav?
Female, from the lipstick.
- Single, unwed, travelling alone.
- How'd you know?
It's unusual for a mother
to kill her child.
Baxter, Champagne...
- Lee.
- Deena Bartus.
Bartus, Bartus... Deena Bartus.
No, she boarded with a child.
What about the stewardess Lillie Thom?
Any connection?
They're both from Salt Lake City. I'd better tell
Baldwin. He's about to release a press report.
Agent Hollis.
It's just a theory.
Everyone's got one.
Wake up, sleepy girl.
Hey, sweet girl.
So big. How'd you get to be
such a big girl, huh?
Come on.
Frank Black?
Agent Spadner out of the
SLC field office.
- We spoke.
- You have anything for me?
Fire marshal says it's a natural gas
explosion. Our guys are en route.
I got the victims listed
as a two-year-old girl,
a 28-year-old woman
fighting for her life in ICU.
- Don't ask me how.
- Do you have any names?
No. Nothing in the car
and the mail goes elsewhere.
County records says it's owned by
a private trust. Neighbours don't know much.
Said they're quiet, in and out. Sometimes
not here for weeks, even months at a time.
Had any luck with the victim?
Is she able to talk?
I haven't spoken to her.
Well, somebody is. Just got off the phone
with a woman who's working with you.
- So, it's physically possible for her to speak?
- Yeah, physically. But emotionally?
She just lost her two-year-old daughter.
I'm Emma Hollis.
I'm sorry for your loss.
I'd like to help you.
We know about Deena.
I work for the FBI.
This explosion at the house
wasn't an accident, was it?
Please, we can't help
if we don't know what's going on.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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