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is a gross abuse of his civil rights.
We got a missing ten-year-old girl.
And until we find her,
his civil rights can go to hell.
It's already been 48 hours.
Are we too late?
Mary Flannigan took nearly a week to die.
He doesn'tjust kill his victims.
He just lets them die.
He evades final responsibility.
I've got something.
St Joseph.
The Holy Family.
There's something else here.
- It looks like...
- Mm-hm.
He drew all that with matches?
- How long would that take?
- He had 20 years.
We took a cast of Brunelli's tyres. Goodrich
All-Terrain, same as at the crime scene.
Plus, on Brunelli's tyres, sand.
Same as at the crime scene.
It's not much, but...
We have your tyre tracks, sand from
the beach. We know you were there, Max.
Half the cars in this town
use those tyres, Agent Hollis.
It's practically the only brand they sell here.
The sand he could have picked up anywhere.
- You have nothing.
- Max?
Do you really want to hurt Shannon?
- I don't want her to die.
- Then tell us where she is.
- Up the ranger's trail, four miles.
- Max.
Four miles, on the southwest of town.
Along Kodiak Creek,
past Jackson Falls.
Turn west off the trail,
300 paces.
There's an old trailer.
I'm sorry.
It's the place we found Mary Flannigan.
Exact same words.
- Have you searched it?
- It's the first place we tried.
Go around back.
It's like the sheriff said.
We searched this place.
There's nothing here.
Ranger's trail,
Four miles on the northwest of town,
Follow Kodiak Creek
past Jackson Falls,
Turn east... west,
Turn west off the trail, Go 300 paces.
There's an old trailer.
That's where she is, I'm sorry.
20 years ago,
same story word for word.
He's playing with us.
He's gonna wait until Shannon's dead.
What did you find?
A whole bunch of wild flowers.
Who would do that?
Jarret's been kicking up a fuss
at the county level.
They have no evidence.
We're gonna have to let Brunelli go.
Here's the last sighting.
Mary Flannigan was
on her way home from school.
She never made it.
School's up through there.
Kids have been taking this
shortcut for years.
So this place, and the place
where Shannon was riding her bike,
- the kidnapper could predict they'd be there.
- Yeah.
But the playground,
where Casey Petersen was attacked,
the kidnapper couldn't
have known she'd be there.
She had a fight with her friend and
she ran off on her own. Isn't that right?
It's pure chance.
- Yeah, but, so?
- The selection of victims is different.
So he got careless.
That's how he got caught.
What's more, Frank, Brunelli was here.
Why weren't we told this?
Something odd, Frank. I'm looking at
the Mary Flannigan crime-scene pics.
She was a healthy ten year old,
she took a long time dying.
But there's no sign she tried to escape.
She was kept somewhere else?
And moved when she was too weak
to do anything. It's possible.
Hold on a second. Hold on.
Where did Brunelli used to live?
Find something?
Same material Shannon was wearing.
I'm pulling him in.
Even Jarret can't get round this.
- I'll be.
- Mr Brunelli. Was this your son's room?
He did this when he was a kid.
I had it all painted over.
- Why did you do that?
- Why? Well, it's kid's stuff.
- He was a kid, wasn't he?
- Yeah.
But not all his life. He had to grow up, didn't
he? Now he's gone and done it over again.
He's gotten in here. How in the hell did he...
- Brunelli's moved to the park,
- I'm on my way.
Keep it in yourjacket.
We should be able to hear you well enough.
That's good.
Why did you approach Casey
20 years ago?
She was alone. I...
I wanted to comfort her.
Are you looking for her now?
Not here.
She's too old for swings.
31 years old next week.
Have you made her a present?
I might have done.
They're watching me, aren't they?
Yeah, they are.
- They want me to lead them to her.
- Who are we talking about?
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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