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are now fully rehabilitated.
We therefore grant your request for parole.
Officer Dietz.
I didn't want you back here.
But the law says you got that right,
and I respect the law.
The law also says I have
to tell the people who you are,
where you are,
and what you've done.
I understand.
Hi, Max.
- Where's my dad, Mr Jarret?
- Well, he's not here.
But I want to go home.
Why isn't Dad here?
You know, I think you'd be better
off apart from him. For a while.
You taking responsibility for him,
- I'm treating him like a human being, yeah.
- Yeah?
Good luck.
The parole board had already
decided what they were gonna do.
- What if the religious stuff is genuine?
- You know what a holding pattern is?
In serial offenders,
it's a delay in the offence cycle.
Can be caused by something like
a prison sentence, but... 20 years?
20 years to imagine, to plan, to refine what
you were about to do before you got arrested.
A Portland radio station
contacted the press office.
They want to do a phone-in about Brunelli,
about what it means him being let back here.
I told them no.
I didn't want him let out, but I didn't want
a witch-hunt, either. I don't want to join that.
You piece of dirt!
Why'd you come back?
They should have killed you.
Hey. How you doing?
Daddy, you're squashing me.
- What smells so good?
- Apple turnovers.
Sally showed me how to make them.
- Welcome home, Mr Black.
- The secret's in the pastry.
- It is, huh? Thanks, Sally.
- No trouble. She's a treasure.
- Did you miss me?
- Yeah. But I've been very busy.
Voicemail for Frank Black
forwarded from FBI Quantico, 7:30pm.
"How often shall my brother
sin against me, and I forgive?"
"But Jesus saith, Not till seven times,
but until 70 times seven,"
- Who was that, Daddy?
- Nobody.
Has he done something bad?
- I'm gonna get you.
- Oh, no. No, you aren't.
Hey! Who is that?
I'm telling you, he comes near my home,
anywhere near my daughter, I'll shoot him.
That might be kind
of illegal, Mr Petersen.
What's illegal is letting him terrorise
our town again. They should be ashamed.
We did ask the FBI's expert witness,
Mr Frank Black, to explain how it happened,
but sadly Mr Black declined.
Instead, we've got Randall Jarret, the man
who defended Max Brunelli in the 1979 trial.
Mr Jarret.
Max spent the last 20 years in a cell.
He knows he did a terrible thing.
He's been punished,
He's served his time under the law.
And whether you, me, or anyone else likes it,
he is a free citizen, All he wants is a chance.
It's OK.
It's just a bad dream.
I was running,
but he was always there.
He's not there.
He's not anywhere.
Go back to sleep.
Daddy, that's where he is.
He wants to know why
you won't forgive him.
Her name is Shannon McNulty.
She just turned ten years old.
She got a new bike for her birthday.
Often used to come here
and ride after school.
Her parents encouraged it. Why wouldn't
they? It's a quiet place, nothing ever happens.
- No witnesses?
- No.
Head this way.
The tracks go down here, obviously.
This way. I got people in town
looking through every empty space.
Yeah, we got some pretty good casts.
We're working them up right now.
- What about Brunelli?
- He's in a cell, denying everything.
Shannon's a feisty kid. We'll find her.
She's ten.
Her parents' hearts are broken.
All they want is for their baby
to come home.
Where is she, Max?
If she's not here,
she's with the Lord.
At the moment,
it's just a kidnapping.
Now, it's bad,
but it's not too bad.
Not if you help us now.
I want to be forgiven.
People will understand.
Tell us where she is, Max.
I don't want to be understood.
I want to be forgiven.
- What is this?
- We're just asking questions.
Without a lawyer.
Have they roughed you up?
- You did, didn't you? Has he been charged?
- Not yet.
Do you have any evidence
linking him to this abduction?
I want this man released.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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