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was at the funeral,
as were several other Group members.
It was open casket. You can ask her family,
if you... wanna make that call.
I don't know what else...
Did you find what you were looking for?
I already had it.
Thank you.
Are you telling me that he linked 43
disappearances by reading the newspaper?
A lot of newspapers, and magazines.
Scientific periodicals,
internet newsgroups.
He witnessed the murder.
It shook him, changed his life.
Since then he's been obsessively recording
everything about everyone he's come across,
making connections, building theories...
one victim leading to the next.
Can he ID the perpetrators?
You know who that is, Andy.
They'll kill him.
You know what you're talking about? Mass
murder. Bodies boiled down to skeletons.
He's done his part.
Don't make him testify.
I am not going to release him
to his own recognisance. He's a nutcase.
We'll never see him again.
I'll put him in
the witness protection programme.
Release him, Andy.
He's safer on his own.
Anybody there?
Mr Pettey?
FBI. Anyone here?
You've got this all wrong.
- Is that her?
- Who?
Is that her?
You tell me. Did you find
what you were looking for?
- You know who they are, don't you?
- Yeah.
I used to work for them.
- Are they the government?
- Not exactly.
- Work for the government?
- Yes, sometimes.
Stay there. I mean it.
Listen to me. Don't move.
Whatever terrible thing happened to them
saddens me as much as it does you.
- You know what happened to them.
- We live in a free and stable society,
while all around us countries
collapse in poverty, chaos, tyranny.
- That's no accident. It's not a matter of luck.
- 43 people are dead.
43 threats are now gone.
There are forces at work today
that could easily tear this country apart.
Terrible weapons being developed,
with us as their target.
Who, Agent Hollis, is prepared to do
what is necessary to assure our future?
You'll see.
Then we'll talk.
- We've recovered a total of 42 victims.
- 43, I think.
No, 42. Even if we definitively ID them, the
process is gonna take months, maybe years.
The Millennium Group identified
a fungus on the bones from Florida.
It's a variety of aspergillium. So I recommend
that we shift our efforts southward.
Do you have anything
to add to that, Agent Hollis?
No, sir. Excuse me.
Don't expect me to thank you,
because I didn't wanna know this.
- Know what, exactly?
- The truth doesn't really matter, does it?
Only what you can prove.
Oh, the truth does matter,
Agent Hollis.
It does.
I made this!Freeze, Brunelli.
Where is she? Where's the other one?
Oh, my God.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
Brunelli's home for the last 20 years.
For the last 12 he chose solitary confinement.
- He killed a child.
- That was more than 20 years ago, Mr Black.
This man has changed.
He's earned his parole.
Mary Flannigan was already missing
four days when we caught Brunelli.
Caught him attacking young
Casey Petersen.
For three days he denied
that he had kidnapped Mary,
and then he led us right to her body.
She'd been sexually assaulted.
Been left with no food...
no water.
She died of thirst.
Can you imagine that?
She died of thirst.
She was ten years old.
He has served 20 years.
20 years isn't enough. He didn'tjust kill Mary.
He ruined my daughter Casey's life.
Mr Black. You're here as an expert witness
as to this man's suitability for parole?
- Yes, I am, sir.
- What is your conclusion?
The man who committed these
crimes has an overpowering sexual need.
Recidivism in child sex crimes is among
the highest in all criminal categories.
If you let this man back into the world,
he will find himself under
unbearable pressure to reoffend.
If you have sons and daughters, ask yourself:
would you risk that to this man's remorse?
Despite the opinion
of the expert witness,
your remorse, evidenced
by psychiatric reports and behaviour,
persuades us you

- -

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