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the list he gave us.
What is it you are not telling me, Frank?
There are more bodies up there.
There was one of your guys looking for
a photo of that suspect. I don't have one.
- One of our guys?
- He's working with that Millennium feller.
Emma Hollis?
- There's a reason Peter Watts is there.
- Frank?
Victim 38 is why he's there.
What are you talking about, victim 38?
We've got six. We're done.
No, you're not. Victim 38, her name
was Cheryl Andrews. She was a doctor.
Watts is there to find her remains
and keep them secret.
- From who?
- From me.
I used to work with her
in the Millennium Group.
- What do you want me to do?
- I'm sending you an email.
What'd you find?
It was a good find.
We were packing up.
What made you even think
to look here, Hollis?
I saw a depression in the soil,
an irregularity. A piece of luck.
You're not working on information
that we're not privy to, are you?
- I heard from Quantico there might be more.
- From Quantico.
From Frank Black. I was under the impression
it was breaking information.
I am not working in secret,
if that's what you're thinking, Barry.
Thank you.
The victims found in Maine -
I'm reading in yourjournal -
they were programmers,
scientists, doctors,
school test administrators
with no apparent connection.
I need your help.
Then get me out of here.
It's not safe.
You're still a suspect
until we find who did this.
Cheryl Andrews.
You said an autopsy killed her.
What's the connection, Ed?
Everything's connected.
It's what all of them do,
It's who she was,
Princeton undergrad, Harvard Medical
School, with Johns Hopkins postdoc,
"The Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation
on Human Brain Catabolism and Behaviour",
and "Autopsy on John Doe",
There's an enormous mass, approximately 60,
six-oh, centimetres anterior.
Slightly larger posterior.
Nothing approaching this scale
has ever been reported.
Cascading tumour precipitated
by pulsed electromagnetic radiation.
There are records of everything,
It's all there, It's all there in plain sight,
That's how I know.
- Know what?
- Look...
- Know what? Secrets?
- No, no, no.
There are no secrets.
Not any more.
But you see, people... can be erased.
If a school test administrator finds
thousands of IQ tests tampered with, gone.
If witnesses in Oklahoma City
report a halo effect
five seconds before the explosion, gone.
If five satellites explode on their launch pads
and somebody asks why, gone.
If a doctor doing an autopsy
finds mutation
two weeks after a so-called radio installation
goes on line in Alaska...
Cheryl Andrews.
She went to a conference
in Germany to report what she found,
She never made it,
They had her arrested and deported,
I have to ask you
to step to the side, please, ma'am.
I don't have anything to declare.
Literally all I have is my passport.
Just go with the officer.
And that's the last
I have on Cheryl Andrews,
Frankfurt airport,
Arrested, deported,
And then the record stops,
Homer B Pettey.
Does that name mean anything to you?
Cheryl Andrews was arrested in Germany
and released before trial.
- It was authorised by Homer B Pettey.
- You're hoping she's not among the bodies,
They destroyed her because she got involved
in something, saw and knew something.
Who? The Millennium Group?
Is this how you live, wondering
if it'll happen to you, your daughter?
Hollis, watch your back,
I wish now we'd finished
our conversation about Frank.
What do you mean?
You're a promising agent, Hollis.
You're smart, capable.
He's doing you a great disservice.
He's not doing anything.
Frank has had a lot of good years but...
paranoid delusions reinforce themselves.
You know, every new fact
tends to confirm the fiction.
I don't care if you're talking about space
aliens or JFK or... the Millennium Group.
Cheryl Andrews was a valued comrade who
died ten months ago at her home in Omaha.
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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