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whoever removed these bodies here
went to a whole lot of trouble.
But it was a good thought,
Agent Hollis.
I'll be happy to show you
those results, if you like.
No. I'm sure you're right.
OK. You have a bad impression of me
and it's because of Frank Black.
- I don't have any impression.
- I was with the bureau for 20 years.
- I've seen the politics. Frank is not immune.
- Is that some kind of advice?
No, but I don't like to be maligned, or
have the people I work with spoken poorly of.
I'm... For me it's always
been about the work.
Look at this.
Looks like a bullet hole.
Point-blank, judging from
the depression at the entry point.
An execution wound. What's this?
Discolouration. From the aspergillus?
It was a surgical procedure
to relieve pressure from a head injury.
They plugged up the hole.
How common can that be?
Buried treasure?
I'm at 471, East Maple.
They described this as the first murder site.
It's a restaurant.
Crummy seafood.
Well, it's a parking lot now.
Maybe you could orient me.
Oh, man, without the building...
I remember the site was very hidden.
Yeah. Well, there's nothing here now.
Is there a retaining wall?
- How far down the wall?
- About halfway,
We ought to have some photos
on this somewhere, shouldn't we?
I'll get back to you, Andy.
- What are you doing?
- You said stop.
Come on.
I tell you, Frank,
you caught yourself a weird one here.
- What did he say?
- Nothing. Not a word.
He's wound up. Jumpy.
So there's nothing here?
He was watching me.
They have to be here.
Journals. Something.
He's a writer.
The skull is gracile. It is smooth
and delicate. It's almost certainly female.
The palate has a Caucasian aspect to it.
She was probably
of Northern European extraction.
See the pitting inside the brain case?
- That erosion there?
- Mm-hm.
It's from an infection.
That's why they had to drill the hole.
- Welcome to the future, huh?
- My God, that's her.
- Who?
- Cynthia Paggett.
We cross-referenced medical records down
the eastern seaboard trying to ID the skull.
Using the position of the hole
and by matching the bore lines
to a surgical drill bit used
at Mass General in the '80s,
we narrowed it down
to four possibilities, including...
Yeah, well, it's a place to start.
Hollis. McClaren's on line one.
He's got some kind of an update.
What'd you do to piss him off?
We're all here, sir.
- I understand you're close to making an ID.
- Yes, sir.
No. We just got a confirmation.
It's Cynthia Paggett.
- Excellent, That's real good work,
- Thank you, sir.
- So you know, we have a suspect in custody.
- Did you get a confession?
No, but we have a list of six victims
we'd like you to work off,
Their names and supporting materials
are being sent to you as we speak.
Medical records should allow you
to ID the skeletons.
- How many victims?
- Six, which matches the body count.
- So we're done. We can go home.
- Looks like, Good job, people,
Where did you get this name?
Victim 38.
She was a friend of mine.
Cheryl Andrews.
Disappeared October 9, 1997.
What do you mean, disappeared?
- She did autopsies.
- Yes.
- That's what killed her.
- What do you mean?
What do you mean, Ed?
They keep me safe.
If they find them, they'll know I know.
Who are they? Have you seen them?
Do you know their names?
Let me have it. It's OK.
- What are you doing?
- Interrogating a suspect.
Yeah, well, we have procedures
for that, you know.
- What's the book?
- He's not our killer.
Who are you kidding? I have never seen
so much evidence against one man.
He's just a witness. He witnessed
the first murder from his window.
What about all the others?
We're talking about six bodies. Six murders.
- He knows about all of 'em.
- He learned. Look at the victimology.
It's people whose disappearance would be
in newspapers - scientists, doctors, teachers.
Yeah, well, there were no doctors.
Not on
Тысячелетие Тысячелетие

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