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to call the FBI out here before.
I'm former FBI. I work with a private
consortium called the Millennium Group.
The FBI subcontracts out to us
on certain kinds of cases.
- Mr Watts?
- Thank you.
They're not local. I know everybody in this
county, dead or alive. Nobody's missing.
I'd like to get these remains under cover.
A tent'll be fine.
Also we're gonna need
power generators, phone lines.
On its way. Special Agent Baldwin
made the same request.
Good. I'm glad to see
you got your bases covered.
- Barry Baldwin.
- Peter Watts.
We met at Quantico. I was involved in
that investigation of the downed airliner.
- What are you doing out here, Peter?
- Sheer coincidence.
A few of us were out here on something else
and we got a call. Piece of luck.
We found only two skulls
but pieces of three scapulas were unearthed.
Duplicate metacarpal fragments
indicate there might be more.
It's gonna be hard
to make IDs with what we've got.
A lot of pieces.
The heavy equipment didn't help us.
But then, I saw you do an amazing job ID'ing
those crash victims with a whole lot less.
It's notjust the teeth.
The bones look stripped and clean.
There are caustic burns
from acid or a leaching agent.
- Probably potassium hydroxide.
- Yeah, that would be my guess.
Maybe we should test the soil
for potassium hydroxide.
- It could lead us to more bodies.
- Mm-hm.
Excuse me.
He's a good man. He used to be Frank Black's
partner in the Millennium Group.
Frank, thanks for rushing in here.
You heard about this thing up in Maine?
Look, Andy, you don't want me on that case,
that's your call. I'm not complaining.
What are you talking about?
I figured four agents there is plenty.
Peter Watts is up there
representing the Millennium Group.
Well, it's news to me, Frank, really.
Anyway, you're still wrong. I want you on
this case but working on a different angle.
Down here. 15 years ago, a woman
named Cynthia Paggett disappeared.
I got this note describing her murder.
Alleged murder.
Precise location, what she was wearing,
every last detail.
But we could never find her body.
In fact, we could never find
any evidence of any crime.
Everything in the note
had come out in the newspaper,
including the fact that I was investigating,
so, yeah, I figured "crackpot, let it go".
I got five more notes, that same year.
Each one, like the first,
just a name of someone who disappeared.
Each of them, like the first...
a matter of public record.
Professional people.
These are not your usual victims.
I always felt we'd heard from the killer.
There was zip evidence of any crime.
Legwork went nowhere.
Anyway, the notes stopped,
everything went away,
but... check the writing.
The writing gets smaller
with each correspondence.
This arrived yesterday.
Obsessive. He's a writer.
That's what he does.
There will be journals and diaries.
The last two words, take a look.
The same guy, 15 years later.
He describes the burial site
in a letter with the same postmark.
- He's here.
- Find him, Frank.
Hollis. Baldwin says you found something.
Another intact skeleton.
It looks like a female
but it's not gonna do us much good.
The teeth have all been removed.
I was hoping we might find
a piece ofjewellery.
We checked several soil samples. No traces
of the leaching agents you were asking about.
I don't think this is the original burial site.
I think they were buried somewhere else, then
moved here so they'd be under the freeway.
They were only discovered by accident.
A guy moving dirt that was set to be covered.
If we follow
where they haven't graded yet,
we might find a burial ground,
or even a murder site.
- What?
- I had the same thought.
I couriered three pieces of skeleton
to a lab before you all got here.
Unfortunately, they found traces of a fungus
that couldn't have survived in this climate.
- What fungus?
- Some variety of aspergillus
that is unique to central Florida.

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